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We Are Looking For Everywhere We Can Match Transformational Speakers
to Venues, Events and Organizations

If you have a one-time or recurring speaking opportunity, please submit it here!

This includes multi-speaker events, annual conferences, associations, body/mind/spirit/wellness expos, lifestyle events, community organizations, holistic centers, spiritual communities, universities, local chapters of national organizations, associations, and adult education resources, reciprocal “speaker stage swaps” and more!

Submit Podcast, Radio or Videocast

We're Looking for Great Podcasts, Radio Shows and Videocasts that Feature Powerful Guests Who are Changemakers.  Broadcast, Internet, Satellite, Syndicated and Podcasts are All Welcome!

If you have a one-time or recurring speaking opportunity, please submit it here!

Submit Summit Opportunity or Producer Contact

If you are hosting a Summit now or in the future, please update us!  Your submission will publicize your events AND align you with new potential presenters.  If you have more than one event, please submit a separate form for each one.  Let us know when you add additional events to your calendar.

Submit a Virtual Networking Opportunity

We Are Looking For Virtual Networking Events to share with our community!

Criteria to Submit a Virtual Networking Event:

  • It must be no or low cost per event ($35/or under)
  • It must reoccur on a regular basis (could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or other)
  • It must have a registration link that does not change from event to event
  • It must be open to the public to join, apply or become a member
  • It can be anywhere in the world