SpeakerTunity Summits™

Virtual Summits To Grow Your Opt-In and Client Lists

Isn’t It Frustrating to Learn About Summits After They are Filled—and Think

“I Would Have Been Perfect for That?"

Or not be able to find the contact information for Virtual Summit Producers

to get on their guest list?

SpeakerTunity Summits™ has you covered!

We've created the first comprehensive monthly tip sheet of Transformational Summit Producers - including their names, emails, and even often times the criteria they are seeking for their guest presenters.

Each month we will deliver to you an array of Summit Producers - some with events not yet booked - and some whose current events are booked, but interested in discovering new "talent" for upcoming events. You'll be able to see what they like to program and where you might fit into their future plans.

Why invest in SpeakerTunity Summits? Because online and telesummits are still one of the fastest list-building strategies in marketing today - and often a highly successful way to secure clients from sources you would not ever have had on your radar alone!

Collaborative, synergistic co-marketing with aligned fellow Summit Presenters enlarges your potential client pool exponentially!

SpeakerTunity Summits

A paid subscription to SpeakerTunity Summits includes downloadable materials emailed to you on the first day of each month.  These materials will included a “tip sheet” list with direct contacts for virtual summit hosts that are seeking guest presenters to their upcoming events, along with many “ongoing events” that are always seeking guest presenters. This “insiders” list of opportunities—which saves you all the research time-- is designed specifically for the transformational leader, and will enable you to reach out directly to these contacts to propose yourself as a guest presenter.

Additionally, this “tip sheet” will provide a monthly round-up of cooperative promotional giveaways, so that you might submit yourself and your gift for participation. To subscribe, click the button below.

Get SpeakerTunity Summits™ 
Now for only $35/month or $360/year (a savings of $60!)


  • A monthly tip sheet on Summit Presenters with their direct and confirmed contact information easily at your fingertips.
  • Whenever possible, subject, list size or other criteria so you don’t waste time pursuing Summits that won’t book you.
  • A way to strategize outreach to Presenters that do annual or quarterly events—even if they are already booked this timearound.
  • A vast new prospect pool created via the synergy of co-marketing with aligned fellow Summit Presenters.
  • The opportunity to giveaway or sell entry-level products that get people to know, like and trust you, so they will want more from you!
  • The ability to deliver your message directly to a wider audience, changing more lives and inspiring loyalty.
  • The potential to increase your book sales by talking to an audience you KNOW is interested in your subject matter.
  • The possibility of gaining an association with other presenters of stature, increasing your own prestige inside and outside of your community
  • The chance to grow your list so you are positioned for bigger events, traditional publisher consideration, joint-venture partnerships, more effective launch campaigns and more. It’s your ticket to build your platform!
  • And if you pay your subscription for a full year in advance, your investment will ONLY be $35/month, billed annually at $360 (a savings of $60!)


In my first month using SpeakerTunity Summits I got myself booked on three online summits in my niche resulting in hundreds of new subscribers to my list and several new clients for my online courses.

Geoff Affleck, Publishing Consultant and #1 Bestselling Author


I had two great speakers that came through SpeakerTunity Summits!

Marcia Mariner, host of Wealthy from the Inside Out: Transform Your Wealth Story and Live an Abundant Life Now Summit


This is an incredible resource, so grateful!!!!

Rachelle Mont Trahan, Rachelle Trahan Coaching