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SpeakerTunity® and SpeakerTunity® Cities

Affiliates, Friends and Colleagues

Thank you for your gracious willingness to join us in introducing SpeakerTunity® to change-makers and speakers in North America. We are totally committed to supporting the changemakers and excited about the ability of SpeakerTunity® to expand their influence in the world. We welcome you to join us in this vital mission. These unique resources are designed to put valuable information directly into the hands of the transformation agents themselves so they can take action.

The Three Ways Community Leaders Partner with SpeakerTunity®

Become an Affiliate Partner and Earn Revenue By Introducing Our Resources

  • Sign up as a partner on this page.
  • Obtain your affiliate link and swipe copy for selected products and services from our Partner Center Portal, and offer them to your community on your timetable.
  • Feature us as part of one of your events (we have great promotional videos you can use in introducing our programs via live or virtual stage)
  • Participate in our monthly rollout of new products throughout the year. If you are signed up as an affiliate partner, you will be alerted to each of these, with your specific link to promote that product, along with swipe copy. You have the option to choose only the product launches that are right for you, and that fit into your promotional calendar.

Make Us a Value-Added Benefit

to Your Community

  • Forgo direct revenue in your pocket and instead pass along the savings to your community. 
  • We will set up your members with an exclusive coupon that will provide them a 20% discount on nearly all of the SpeakerTunity® directories and resources. 
  • However, we also ask that you promote this opportunity in multiple ways so there is widespread awareness, not just delegated to a member page on the back of your website. 
  • Contact Jackie Lapin and the SpeakerTunity® team by scheduling a meeting here.

Build a SpeakerTunity® Product into

Your High-End Client Programs

  • Provide your high-end clients with the next-step resources they may need at key stages in their development with you– speaker leads, podcast leads, speaker-one-sheet design, for example.
  • SpeakerTunity® will bill you one lump sum for 70% of the retail pricing (deducting your 30% commission as an affiliate.) 
  • You pay us and we will manually log your clients into our system, so they will receive the products directly from us and be enrolled for the course of their fulfillment. 
  • Contact Jackie Lapin, Jeff Donovan and the SpeakerTunity® team by scheduling a meeting here.

Affiliate Fee

We will be providing a 30% affiliate fee to you on all of our products, including:

  • SpeakerTunity® Transformational Speaker Leads Tip Sheet
  • SpeakerTunity Radio Insider®
  • SpeakerTunity Summits®
  • Get Booked Training Program
  • SpeakerTunity® Cities
  • SpeakerTunity® Sheets
  • SpeakerTunity® Cities TEDx North America Directory
  • SpeakerTunity® Virtual Networking
  • And More!

Two Options

We offer you a choice of two different approaches to your community:

· A direct offer of our products, where your clients can click through and subscribe

· Or a more nuanced introduction where we offer useful information (a lead generation resource) leading to an enrollment sequence. Please feel free to select the one which most suits your style.

· You may even consider distributing both options to make sure you get maximum engagement

If you would like to connect with Jackie Lapin or the SpeakerTunity Partner/Reseller Relations Team, please submit your information here: