Become a Speakertunity™ and Speakertunity™ Cities partner to help your community get booked!

SpeakerTunity™ and SpeakerTunity™ Cities

Affiliates, Friends and Colleagues

Thank you for your gracious willingness to join us in introducing SpeakerTunity™ to change-makers and speakers in North America. We are totally committed to supporting the changemakers and excited about the ability of SpeakerTunity™ to expand their influence in the world. We welcome you to join us in this vital mission. These unique resources are designed to put valuable information directly into the hands of the transformation agents themselves so they can take action.

Affiliate Fee

We will be providing a 30% affiliate fee to you on all of our products, including:

  • SpeakerTunity™ Transformational Speaker Leads Tip Sheet
  • SpeakerTunity Radio Insider™
  • SpeakerTunity Summits™
  • Get Booked Training Program
  • SpeakerTunity™ Cities

Two Options

We offer you a choice of two different approaches to your community:

· A direct offer of our products, where your clients can click through and subscribe

· Or a more nuanced introduction where we offer useful information (a lead generation resource) leading to an enrollment sequence. Please feel free to select the one which most suits your style.

· You may even consider distributing both options to make sure you get maximum engagement

If you would like to connect with Jackie Lapin or the SpeakerTunity Partner/Reseller Relations Team, please submit your information here: