“Get Booked Training”  Presents

“Write Your Memorable

One-of-a-Kind Media Kit”

Learn to Write a Media Kit

So Hot That Hosts

Perfectly Showcase You and Your Offer!

With Guidance From PR Expert Jackie Lapin

Her prize-winning media kits helped pile up publicity for famous personal growth leaders and such companies as Toyota, Avon, Showtime, The World Poker Tour, PetSmart and more...

Master the Skills to Write a Highly Professional Media Kit So Radio and TV Hosts Know Everything What They Need to Know -- to Make You Look Like the Expert You Are!

In This 1- Hour Comprehensive Video Training with Worksheets, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Create a dynamic media kit that gives hosts answers to all their questions before they ask you...and leads them down the path to sell you and your products to their audience

  • Create each of the six key elements in an impactful media kit

  • Master the simple ways to make it look authoritative and professional

  • Anticipate exactly what a host wants so you won’t be filling numerous requests and wasting lots of your valuable time with back-and-forth emails!

Grab This Training Now!

You’ll Be Able to Use This Media Kit Formula for the Rest of Your Promotional Life!


Jackie’s "Get Booked Training Programs" are well laid out and full of examples as well as templates. She explains the information in detail and makes herself accessible to work with you personally - an invaluable opportunity. If you don't take her up on her offer you are missing out!

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