SpeakerTunity Speaker EBiz Card®

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You can’t hand out a business card from stage. You can’t get distracted posting a lot of info in a chat box while you are delivering a virtual speech. And try giving all your info to a dozen people standing in front of you after you get off a live stage!

A Speaker Needs a Way to Easily and Effectively Deliver Your Contact and Portfolio of Products to Individuals and Collective Audiences in Seconds!

Enter the SpeakerTunity Speaker EBiz Card®

Powered by Elevate.BI

Replacing -- and far exceeding --- the traditional paper business card, this EBiz Card meets all of a speaker’s needs for:

  • delivering from stage
  • providing online in your signature
  • phone-to-phone transfer
  • verbally directing the audience with a quick URL
  • fast posting in a chat box
  • and numerous other direct contact applications

But here’s why it’s MORE..

It has easy tabs for Products, Offers and Funnels clickable from mobile device or website.


And you can include VIDEO, branding elements, and incentives to start building a lucrative relationship!

Why struggle with CONNECTION when the SpeakerTunity Speaker EBiz Card®can make it easy…

A fully digital Basic EBiz Card within just 10 days for $400*

Here's Exactly What You Get:

  • An all-in-one, multi-purpose digital media card that you can share easily with anyone, anywhere, on any device
  • A curated elegant mobile design to tell your brand story
  • The ability to display all important business info for quick access, and highlight key products to turn new connections into sales
  • A keyword and vanity URL for your domain
  • Complete graphic design support & consulting to get your card finished in 10 days or less
  • Access to the card onboarding course to learn pro tips and tricks

Basic Card Features:

  • Custom speaker EBiz card with unique URL
  • About, connect and share tabs
  • 3 extra tabs for products, offers, funnels, etc.
  • Analytics & reporting
  • SMS marketing & tracking

*Two other options are available if you would like to have MORE tabs for Products, Offers and Funnels.

Get Busy with Your

SpeakerTunity Speaker EBiz Card®

And see your business thrive!

Paid purchase of the SpeakerTunity Speaker EBiz Card entitles you to create a digital business card app that enables you to provide your video, product summary, lead magnet and contact information to others from any stage via a verbal or written short weblink. This EBiz Card contract extends for one year and requires an annual fee to renew and maintain.