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Elevate your presentations with our stunning PowerPoint slide designs, meticulously crafted for clarity, visual appeal, and maximum impact.

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Elevate your educational material and leave your audience craving more.

 If you’re like most, figuring out the perfect slide sequence for an engaging presentation can be a real brain teaser. 

But fear not! I've cracked the code by borrowing insights from top leaders.

This led to a lightbulb moment - why not create standard sequences in slide templates?

With SpeakerTunity Slide Design® you can do any of the following:

  • Choose a template for your free OR paid offer that aligns with your style, mood, audience, or product. It's like paint-by-numbers for presentations!
  • Uplevel your existing presentation with refreshed graphics, branding and design.
  • Start from scratch with a completely customized presentation that can be designed any way you like.

With SpeakerTunity Slide Design®, we've got your presentation ready - all you need to do is add your copy and graphics.

Give your brain a well-deserved break and check out SpeakerTunity Slide Design® now!

Impactful, Professionally-Designed Slides Made Easy

Three ways to get your presentation done from Do-It-Yourself to Done-For You!

We’ll provide your choice of DIY Free or Paid Offer Templates—on which each slide features suggested prompts of what to include to “seed” the ultimate offer and heighten conversion. You can then fill this out, or adapt however you choose! You can even ignore our prompts altogether and come out with a great presentation!


Template + Designer

You choose a free or paid offer template and provide your content to our team using your previous presentation or our custom word document. Provide our designer with any graphic elements you prefer. We will also provide the recommended slide sequencing that fits your preferred template. Our designers will fill in the slides for your review. Two full reviews and edits are permitted with the pricing.

(Up to 40 slides within this pricing)


Template Option

Branded Slide Deck

A clean branded slide deck with your logo and your chosen colors that you can customize with your content. Each slide deck provides 8 or more different slide formats.


Custom Design

Have it your way! Create a custom presentation or uplevel your existing presentation or webinar for you—just pick from a selection of palettes and give us your content and graphics. We’ll use our creativity to give you something impressive that will move your audience to action!

(Production of up to a 40 slide presentation)