Start Your On-Air Journey with SpeakerTunity® with contacts or our radio and podcast quick start!

Radio Insider for Business

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider for Business, provides 40 podcasts, radio shows and videocasts that have B2B audiences. Reach business owners, solopreneueurs, executives, people seeking transition into business ownership, or job seekers for $49/month.

The Radio and Podcast Quick Start

The Radio and Podcast Roadmap includes Rocket Your Radio and Podcast Bookings 5-module eCourse, a subscription to Radio Insider for BUSINESS, and a SpeakerTunity Sheets® podcast introduction sheet for $997.

Your purchase includes an added BONUS when you purchase now - our exclusive Show Pitching, Scheduling and Tracking System!

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider for BUSINESS® eliminates the research time to find the radio shows, podcasts and videocasts that you want.

For four years, SpeakerTunity has been providing thousands of subscribers with directs leads for radio shows and podcasts hungry for ways to live better. And now, by popular demand, we have created a monthly subscription service JUST for BUSINESS LEADERS, COACHES AND SERVICE PROVIDERS looking to speak DIRECTLY to BtoB audiences.

Just a few of the categories we cover:

  • business building
  • leadership and management skills
  • enterpreneurship
  • sales and marketing
  • personal and business finance
  • corporate growth and employee retention
  • job skills
  • mission-driven and purpose-driven business development
  • specific industries
  • women's business development
  • and more!

Each month, you receive up to 40 leads for broadcast radio, podcasts, internet radio, satellite radio and videocast platforms that focus on some aspect of business. This includes contact name, email, and wherever available, phone.

Or get a complete shortcut to radio and podcast success!

The Shortcut to On-Air Success Quick Start makes getting on more podcasts, radio shows and videocasts gigs easier for you.

There’s a lot that goes into being strategic about this…not just waiting around for people to invite you. You have to know how to make yourself memorable to a host, write a really compelling pitch letter, and figure out where to find the contacts for the shows that are right for you. You could keep struggling with all of this on your own…


You can take advantage of an exciting new package of resources I’ve just learned about from SpeakerTunity® The Speaker & Leader Resource Company! It combines:

  • Rocket Your Radio & Podcast Bookings 5-Module eCourse from booking expert Jackie Lapin, founder of SpeakerTunity®
  • A one year subscription to Speaker Radio Insider for BUSINESS® for business leaders with 40 new contacts for podcasts, radio shows and videocasts each month
  • A SpeakerTunity Sheets® Professional-Designed Podcast Introduction Sheet which allows you to select a template, choose your colors and submit your requested information and graphics

This is everything you need to lock in a tremendous slate of shows over the next year!

No more struggle. No more missed opportunities. No more longing to have the visibility you deserve! This will make your road to stages simple and easy!

How much would it cost you to source these leads on your own, create your podcast introductory sheet and know exactly how to capture those bookings?

Get the SpeakerTunity® “Shortcut to On-Air Success” Quick Start Program with Radio Insider for Business for only  $997 today!