Would You Like to Be Spotlighted in the Email Inbox of 10,000+ Meeting Planners?

Perhaps you don’t have a budget to have individual representation offering you to meeting planners, associations, HR coordinators and other event decision makers.

How then do you get in front of thousands of those bookers?

 SpeakerTunity’s Meeting Planner Connect®

Only a limited amount of spots are available each month. Claim yours quickly before the calendar fills up!

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How Does The Meeting Planner Connect® Work?

SpeakerTunity® now offers a dedicated email with your profile and positioning of your signature speech sent to 10,000+ meeting planners, conference organizers, HR directors and other key decision makers in a wide variety of industries and interest sectors.

You control the content! Fill in a very simple form. Our editors review and make sure that it puts you in the best light.

And then, the send button is engaged! Best of all, this list has a 60% open rate, so you have a highly successful chance to get seen and considered. If they are intrigued, they contact you directly—no one takes a commission.

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The Fee is only $897 $697

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Only a limited number of spots are available. Claim yours before the calendar is filled!

One booking will pay for it!

If you’re confident you are stage ready and hungry for the spotlight: