Insider Secrets You Must Know to Get Booked for a TEDx!

A Video Training by Jackie Lapin

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Do You Want to Land a TEDx?

For most leaders a TEDx is the holy grail, a life-long door-opener in business and speaking. But the gatekeepers who hold the keys to these stages are notoriously selective and withholding about their criteria. 

Which is why you have to hear what my 3 TEDx Experts have to say If you’re yearning to get booked on a TEDx stage! In this 90-minute Training I’ve convinced three of the top TEDx coaches in the industry to spill their secret strategies for you.

But they aren’t just coaches - one was a judge at one of the premier TEDx events in the US, one was a TEDx organizer at the leading, long-running event in Canada, and one has a viral TEDx video that has 300,000 views and counting!

Get all the inside information on what will impress a TEDx booker!

If you don’t want to be on the outside looking in…then this training is your ticket.

By the End of the Training You Will Know:

  • What to do to land a TEDx
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • How to apply and impress the judges
  • How to prepare for a TEDx
  • How to make the most out of your TEDx

Your TEDx Experts:

Roger Killen

Former TEDx Organizer

Erin Loman Jeck

Former TEDx Judge

Adam Markel

Viral TEDx

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