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  • Calls for Speakers submission form links included
  • Contact information where available
  • Indications of which conferences provide a fee, offer a stage where you can make an offer or charge you to speak - as well as whether the conference is a virtual, live or hybrid event.
  • Ability to download the listings in your preferred category whenever you want
  • Monthly reminders by email and text to remind you to check for new listings in your category
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  • Highlight your expertise
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  • Specify your target audience
  • List up to 3 presentations
  • Answer the question "why you?"
  • Feature your recommendations and testimonials
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  • Include your speaker video

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  • The FIRST-EVER comprehensive digest of experts that will make you more effective and more profitable
  • Speaker or TEDx coaches, guides to creating or delivering your presentation
  • Stylists, photographers, videographers/speaker reels, theme music
  • Business development and monetization of your speaking business
  • Guides to developing your books
  • Assistance with getting booked
  • Websites, landing pages, CRMs and other technical aids
  • Graphic design for speaker sheets, banners, speaker handouts and slides
  • Speaker associations, media and bureaus
  • Speaker mindset experts (confidence, profitability block removal, inability to embrace thinking big)
  • And more...

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