SpeakerTunity® Concierge gives you direct access to our team and white glove service to help you get booked.

Get access to nearly every speaker resource we have to offer at SpeakerTunity®. 

What is SpeakerTunity Concierge®?

As a speaker, your number one priority is to get booked.

SpeakerTunity® has spent years becoming the complete speaker resource. 

SpeakerTunity Concierge® gives you a full year of direct support from the SpeakerTunity® team to help you reach bigger heights than ever before as a speaker.

You'll receive full access to ALL of our contact directories across the board to give you tens of thousands of contacts for stages, radio, podcasts and online events - paired with a specialized virtual assistant to start reaching out immediately.

You'll also receive one-on-one support from a concierge on the SpeakerTunity® team whenever you have questions or need a resource.

Be advised, SpeakerTunity® is not a booking agency or speaker agent.  Our Concierge Program simply takes over the process that you or your team would do on your own.

Member Level Details:

All of the Resources Included in SpeakerTunity® Concierge

One-on-One Support from the SpeakerTunity® Team

Need a specific resource or support?  It's only a phone call away and our team will get you what you need!  Choose from one of our two service options to receive direct support from our team.

SpeakerTunity Conference Connections®

Hundreds of Conferences each month to review and submit - 20 different categories!

SpeakerTunity Speaker Showcase®

Your profile featured where meeting & event planners can find you.

SpeakerTunity Resource Collective®

Digest all of the experts and resources you need to uplevel your speaker success.

SpeakerTunity Speaker Leads®

120 Leads/Month on Live and Virtual Platforms

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider®

40 "Life Enhancing" Podcasts, Radio Shows and Videocasts monthly

SpeakerTunity Radio Insider for BUSINESS®

40 "BtoB" Podcasts, Radio Shows and Videocasts Monthly

SpeakerTunity Summits®

Summits seeking Guest Presenters and Giveaways

SpeakerTunity TEDx Directory®

All TEDx events in North America with details

SpeakerTunity Booking System®

Samples, Templates & Scripts to Pitch Yourself

SpeakerTunity Training Videos®

All Training Videos Increasing Booking Success on All Platforms

SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Directory®

3 Regional Contact Directories of Your Choice

SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties®

3 Directories of Contacts in Your Specialty or Niche

SpeakerTunity Virtual Networking Update®

200 Virtual Networking Opportunities, including 50 for women


Join a monthly Zoom to answer your questions

SpeakerTunity Sheets®

We'll design your new speaker one-sheet.

Book for You Virtual Assistants

Choose from one of our two options to receive up to 40 Hours/Month of booking service from a specialized virtual assistant.

Changemaker Collaboration Circle

Connect with like-minded speakers and leaders to develop relationships and teammates for the future.

SpeakerTunity® Shares Group

Regular speaking and presenting opportunities shared by the SpeakerTunity® team as well as our community.

Your Zoom Virtual Background Image

Take the virtual stage in a unique way with a custom designed background image for you to use during all of your Zoom events and appearances.

Concierge Offers Two Customized Support Levels

SpeakerTunity Concierge

Includes all of the resources in SpeakerTunity Members Only Platinum along with Concierge Service and 20 hours per month of Book For You Virtual Assistants Support.

$10,000 Per Year

SpeakerTunity Concierge Elite

Includes all of the resources in SpeakerTunity Members Only Platinum along with Concierge Service and 40 hours per month of Book For You Virtual Assistants Support.

$15,000 Per Year

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SpeakerTunity Concierge

$10,000 Per Year

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