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The Art of Filling Up Your Speaking Calendar will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating all the tools that will get you booked—including a Speaker One-Sheet, Your Speaker Reel, Your Speaker Proposal Letter and provide the strategies that will capture the attention, interest and commitment of the decision-makers! 

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  • The single most important factor in getting booked is to clearly articulate how you’re going to transform the audience. We’ll show you how.
  • Before you start booking yourself, you need to have specific resources already created. You’ll learn exactly what those are and how to get them done!
  • Your Speaker-One Sheet is your most powerful showcase to a speaker booker. We walk you through step-by-step specifically what goes into a Speaker One-Sheet and how to get to produced so it will knock-the-socks off the bookers!
  • Bookers want to see how you present. You'll know all the options that are available to get your speaker reel done.
  • So now you have to actually ask a booker to book you?  What exactly goes into that proposal letter? We’ll show you the formula!
  • Now you’ve got all the right elements, where do you find your next gigs? We’ve got you covered there! You’ll discover the ways and places to find the right gigs for you. And we’ll have a great shortcut that will deliver to you tons of opportunities without you having to do any of the research yourself!

lisa kirkwood


I'm very grateful for Jackie Lapin's training, she helped me find my voice, and I'm a proud member of the SpeakerTunity family

Jackie Lapin is THE Speakers' Get Booked Trainer! With decades of experience and expertise in media relations, and a solid, done-with-you, A to Z training program to help speakers get on stages, she'll hand you "the keys to the castle". The coveted pathway to speaking engagements, that is. Personable and nurturing, she will hold your hand through this process. Just follow Jackie's lead, make full use of the many professional resources that she and her team have to offer, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a speaker-in-demand. I'm very grateful for Jackie Lapin's training, she helped me find my voice, and I'm a proud member of the SpeakerTunity family, Thank you, Jackie!

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