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I’ve been an expert in my field for a very long time and it wasn’t until I began speaking on stages, podcasts and summits that I discovered the way to attract clients faster and more economically, without having to do it one on one.

I remember what it was like having to network, do cold calls and wait for referrals. It was all struggle. But with speaking it was like day and night... People were coming to me.

But here was my dilemma:  I knew the shortcut, but how was I going to find time in my incredibly busy day to search for these opportunities?

Of course, it just never got done because of other priorities. Watch this video and see how I solved this problem.

SpeakerTunity® has the largest and most comprehensive list of contacts for speaking anywhere in the world.

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You'll start right away with hand-picked contacts ready for you for almost any type of speaking engagement including live or virtual events, podcast or radio interviews, conferences, virtual summits or even TEDx stages (just to name a few).

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We also support you in getting all of your important materials ready to make you look like an experienced pro, so you stay focused on what matters most for you and your business. We even provide you with training if you want to do your own outreach.

It's everything you need starting as low as $47 a month.

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