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If you’re a speaker, leader, coach, author or entrepreneur needing to reach more people with your message to have greater impact and increase your revenue, then you’ll find it through SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company.

SpeakerTunity® provides you direct contacts to get booked on multiple platforms, along with tools like speaker one-sheets and podcast intro sheets, and the training on how to GET BOOKED!  We'll even introduce you to train virtual assistants that you can retain to do the outreach for you.  This is your hub for everything that will propel you onto more stages -- faster!

Whether it’s one of its 75 regional speaker lead directories, 60 niche specialty directories, 3,000+ conferences, TEDx events, podcasts, radio shows, virtual summit or virtual networking contacts, SpeakerTunity® saves you all the research and time to discover those leads!

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Ernesto Verdugo

Debbie Allen

Dan Mangena

Amy Dix

International Speaker

“Booking local events is the key to growling your business and getting on bigger stages!

SpeakerTunity gives you everything you need to talk to the right person in the right categories so you can leverage your message for more business! I have even been able to get on national stages, as a result of local speaking engagements.

You have made my life easier and saved hundreds of hours for me and my team!"

“I purchased the SpeakerTunity Cities Directories for three different areas in California. I was looking to start my own speaking tour in California as I was preparing to promote my upcoming Transformational Speakers Summit event in Southern California (I reside in WA). I set up a generic email script and pulled open the list and started emailing all of the event organizers listed that fell into my ideal audience, and to my delight, I was able to set up 15 speaking gigs within 2 weeks, with only a month in advance to being there. These lists are accurate, informative, and LUCRATIVE. If you are even wondering about purchasing these lists, DON’T WASTE your time- PURCHASE IT NOW! I was able to generate over 20K in sales from these speaking opportunities, well worth the cost of purchase.” 

Erin Loman Jeck

Executive Speech Coach, TEDx Speaking Coach and Speaker