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Vicki Noethling, LLC

I help you get over your nervousness and fear of speaking in public or virtually.

I help you get over your nervousness and fear of speaking in public or virtually by providing you proven steps that will build your confidence no matter the size of your audience. I also will share how to effectively lead in the 21st century using your heart, head and hands to be that servant leader that gets things done!

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You will build your network by having being a guest on my podcast and summits. You will have access to courses that allow you to practice video and live presentations and learn what works best for you. You will learn the benefits of leading with your heart, head and hands to be able to grow your team and your business.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Female entrepreneurs and small business owners
How do you transform your audience?
As you incorporate simple techniques and changes in your presentations and speeches you will gain confidence and become aware of the power of your voice. In the leadership track, you will become the leader that others want to follow and emulate.
Presentation #1 Details
Title: Leading with Your Heart, Head and Hands.

Subtitle: Navigating as a 21st Century Leader

Description: Today's leaders must pivot from doing things the way they used to in the past. Leaders today are understanding the importance of building relationships with internal and external customers so you achieve that know, like and trust factor.

- Leading with your heart brings in the Emotional Quotient and empathy.
- Leading with you head encompasses vision, mission and holistic strategy. - - Leading with your hands is tied to understanding the importance of helping others. Giving support, mentoring, coaching and sharing of knowledge so the succession of strong leaders becomes a company culture.
Presentation #2 Details
Title: The “L.I.V.E” Customer Generation Machine Masterclass

Discover “How to Easily Use Live Video To Flood Your Business with Clients”. - Leverage your unique brand to create your video flow

- Ignite your audience, list and leads
- Vacation while your videos work for you
- Enjoy being seen as the Expert and Authority while your business grows
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Collaborator in the book, "Unstoppable, Being Fierce, Fearless, and Unf*ckwithable in Life and Business" by Rochel Marie Lawson. Working on 2nd collaboration with Suzanne Evans due out in the Fall.
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
Project Manager Certification
Bachelor of Science and Business Management
Distinguished Toastmaster
Ember Award for volunteerism
Coca-Cola 1996 Olympic Torch Bearer
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
I bring passion, power, fun and interaction to my speaking engagements. I know that I remember more when I am engaged, educated, and entertained. I use my 26 years of speaking experience to be able to convey that to my audience.
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Open to All Options
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What is your speaking preference?
Both Live & Virtual
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