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KnopfKnows Solutions, LLC

With roughly 85% of employees reporting that they feel disengaged or unsatisfied in their roles, I wake up every day with the intention of helping to create and implement solutions to this with anyone wanting and willing to change it.

Over two decades of Leadership and Sales Management experience across multiple verticals, my mission has centered on shaping work environments that prioritize collaboration, transparency, self-accountability, and personal growth. Why? Because when we put people and authentic collaboration at the heart of business, we not only attract but also cultivate top-tier talents who WANT to work hard on behalf of themselves and the the organizational vision. They enjoy being a valued part of the collective success.

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Describe the work that you do.
Strategic Consultations: My engagements with Owners, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs have consistently transformed behaviors and operational systems, driving peak performance in their chosen KPIs.

Presentations: With close to 1,000 presentations under my belt for high performance organizations like United Healthcare, The Economist, Equinox, Hitachi, and RXR, I am a trusted voice for keynotes, workshops, retreats, and strategic planning sessions.

Performance Coaching: Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor thousands in mastering leadership, sales, networking, performance management, customer service, behavioral psychology, personal growth, goal setting, time management, and holistic well-being.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
High-Achieving Sales Professionals: Age 25-40, mid to high income, working in sales or business development roles in various industries. Psychographics: Ambitious, competitive, continuous learner, believes in ethical sales and win-win situations. Pain Points: Struggling to reach the next level in their sales career, feeling stagnant, difficulty balancing work and personal life, dealing with the pressure of meeting sales targets. Goals & Aspirations: To become a top sales professional, to achieve financial freedom, to gain recognition in their field, to strike a balance between work and personal life, and to create wins for all parties involved in their sales transactions​.

Performance-Oriented Individual: Age 30-50, mid to high income, working in professional roles that demand high performance such as entrepreneurship, management, or creative roles. Psychographics: Driven, goal-oriented, committed to self-improvement, open to change, values personal and professional growth. Pain Points: Difficulty in setting and achieving goals, feeling stuck in their current situation, unable to leverage personal strengths, struggling to identify and navigate opportunities for improvement. Goals & Aspirations: To clearly define and reach personal and professional goals, to leverage personal strengths, to improve areas of weakness, to live an optimal life​.

Business Leader or Teams: Age 35-60, any gender, high income, holding leadership or managerial roles in businesses of all sizes across various industries. Psychographics: Strategic thinker, values teamwork and leadership, open to learning and improvement, committed to business growth and success. Pain Points: Struggling with leadership challenges, difficulty in managing and motivating teams, facing obstacles in business growth, not able to identify root cause issues in their organization. Goals & Aspirations: To develop high-performing teams, to overcome business obstacles, to enhance strengths and improve weaknesses in their organization, to achieve business growth and success​.
How do you transform your audience?
I empower them to see that they already have a lot of the tools and answers they need to transform their own lives and the lives of the people around them. I positively influence them to focus on daily personal development habits that will serve as the foundation for whatever they are aiming to accomplish personally and professionally. I provide actionable strategies in conjunction with each of the concepts I present on so every person in the audience has the opportunity to walk out and actively start to apply the tools that lead to progress in their chosen focus areas. The transformation starts in the room. It continues once they reflect and take action in the aftermath of the presentation.
Presentation #1 Details
How to Build and Lead Elite Teams Through the Lens of Personal Development

In order to attract, retain and elevate high performers in your company and/or team, you need to showcase a dedication to helping them grow both professionally AND personally. In focusing on your own personal development and your team member's personal development, you create a work environment where top-tier talent WANTS to work hard on behalf of themselves and the the organizational vision. This presentation will provide you with the philosophies and strategies to do exactly that.

- Actionable strategies to increase profits
- Tools to increase retention and development of talented team members
- Methods to ensure you have a competitive advantage
- Tactics to build team alignment with company values and standards
- Increased opportunity to create a collaborative environment that generates future leaders
Presentation #2 Details
5 Success Principles to Help You Win in Life and Business

Success leaves clues. When you make it a point to study people you admire that have had success in their life and their business, you start to see consistent patterns emerge. Most of their success is rooted in fundamental habits that are simple to all of us conceptually, but are elusive as far as consistent application goes. This presentation will help you identify those winning principles, remove the obstacles preventing you from utilizing them and set yourself up to win in your life and business through actionable strategies to implement them regularly, day after day, moving forward.

- 5 principles that are universally credited by high performers as directly impacting their success
- Why they are beneficial, how to actionably apply them, what results you can expect from that implementation
- Strategies to consistently measure and evaluate progress in your life and business
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Everyday People, Extraordinary Sales Success

Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
Experience: I've successfully presented in front of audiences of all sizes over 20+ years while speaking on a variety of different subjects across a multitude of different industries

Continued Education: I study daily, continuously invest in coaches/mentors/workshops/courses and seek out feedback regularly in order to grow and improve in my life and my work

Actionable Strategies: My presentation aren't just conceptual. They are actionable. In this way, the impact is ongoing and can be directly tied back to what we're discussing.

Engagement: I involve the audience and empower them to listen to each other to see that they aren't alone in their challenges and that they already have a lot of the answers they're searching for -- they just need to take action

Practice What I Preach: I've been on both sides of what I present on. I practice what I preach and speak from firsthand experience of how I've worked my way through these shared challenges. I also emphasize that the work is ongoing and applied daily.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
Jason Falkowitz, Vice President of Business Development - The Economist Intelligence Unit

"I highly recommend Brett Knopf for his strong ability to connect, challenge and drive critical thinking amongst high performing sales teams that are looking to continue to grow. His meticulous approach to individuals’ ownership and accountability ensured that everyone who was lucky enough to attend his trainings took away invaluable insights that had an immediate impact on their success. Brett Knopf is a must-have for any revenue team looking to drive a culture of winning. "

Terence Noonan, six-time Emmy Award-Winning Executive Producer, Co-Founder NY27 Productions. Entrepreneur - Sama Teas and Cay Skin with supermodel Winnie Harlow. Creator of TLC’s hit shows, The Seven Little Johnstons and DC Cupcakes

"Brett is unquestionably an expert in leadership, sales, and mindset. If you want to generate peak performance in your life and business, I highly advise working with him!”

David Meltzer, Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and Former CEO of The Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment Agency

“Brett does a great job effectively connecting with his clients, sharing concepts and strategies that propel them past whatever challenges they are facing”
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