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Vivander Advisors LLC

Specializing in AI education

As an AI speaker, trainer, and author, I deliver transformative experiences to audiences. My specialization in AI education combines expertise with practical insights, enabling companies and individuals to utilize AI for better productivity. My talks and training sessions simplify complex AI concepts, making them easy to understand and apply. My recent book on using AI for productivity is now an essential resource. Participants leave with actionable strategies, enhanced AI understanding, and the confidence to integrate AI solutions into their daily tasks, boosting efficiency and fostering innovation.

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Describe the work that you do.
Michael J. Goldrich, as the Founder and Chief Advisor of Vivander Advisors, specializes in digital and AI strategies. He plays a crucial role in guiding businesses through AI transformations, using his expertise in generative AI. Michael is also the Chief Experience Officer at The Hotels Network, focusing on AI and data-driven customer engagement. His previous roles include leading global marketing at Club Quarters Hotels and contributing to the marketing strategies of several global businesses. Michael's innovative work has garnered him multiple awards and recognitions in the industry.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Based on Michael's expertise in digital and AI strategies, and his focus on AI and data-driven customer engagement, the ideal audiences for his work at Vivander Advisors would indeed include professionals in marketing, sales, and revenue generation across various company sizes. Additionally, individuals and businesses eager to understand and apply AI for their success would benefit greatly from his insights. These groups are well-positioned to leverage Michael's knowledge in harnessing AI for enhanced productivity and innovation.
How do you transform your audience?
In my talks, I transform my audience by sharing transformative knowledge and empowering them with new skills. I specialize in AI and digital strategies, offering practical, hands-on learning experiences. This approach doesn't just deepen their understanding of AI, but also equips them with actionable strategies. Whether they're in marketing, sales, or any other sector, my insights help them use AI to drive success and innovation in their companies. They leave my talks not just informed, but truly empowered, ready to elevate their skills and make a tangible impact in their professional lives.
Presentation #1 Details
Title: Too Many Hats, Too Little Time: Embracing AI for Professional Mastery
Speaking Proposal Abstract:
In this engaging and informative presentation, based on the principles outlined in "Too Many Hats, Too Little Time," attendees will explore innovative strategies for integrating generative AI into their professional lives. The talk is designed to demystify the process of leveraging AI personas—virtual executives like CEOs, CFOs, General Counsels, and CMOs—to enhance decision-making and task management. It offers a comprehensive roadmap for professionals at all levels, from those just starting with AI to those looking to deepen their existing knowledge and application.

This presentation delves into the practical application of the book's strategies, illustrating how AI can be a game-changer in handling a wide array of professional responsibilities. Attendees will be guided through the process of creating and interacting with AI personas, learning how to utilize these virtual advisors to boost efficiency and accuracy in their daily tasks.

Six Learning Objectives:
Understanding AI Integration: Gain a clear understanding of how to seamlessly integrate AI tools into your daily professional routine, enhancing productivity and decision-making processes.
Creating AI Personas: Learn the step-by-step process of creating AI personas, and understand how these virtual executives can assist in various aspects of business management.
Efficient Decision-Making: Master strategies for employing AI in making more informed, efficient decisions, reducing the time and stress associated with complex problem-solving.
Accessing Expertise On-Demand: Discover how to harness the power of on-demand insights from AI personas, providing expert advice anytime, tailored to specific business scenarios.
Customizing AI Solutions: Explore how to adapt AI responses to meet unique business needs, ensuring a more personalized and effective approach to task management and problem-solving.
Future-Proofing Professional Skills: Learn how to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving professional landscape by embracing AI, ensuring continuous growth and relevance in your career.
This presentation is not just a dissemination of knowledge; it's an interactive session designed to empower professionals with practical tools and strategies for leveraging AI in their work life. Attendees will leave with a newfound appreciation for the potential of AI in professional settings and the skills to apply these innovative strategies effectively.
Link to my book on this topic: https://a.co/d/0UyiCmK
Presentation #2 Details
Title: "Demystifying Generative AI: A Beginner's Guide"

Description: This presentation is designed to introduce the fundamentals of generative AI to a broad audience. Whether you're in marketing, sales, or any business sector, this talk demystifies the complex world of AI, making it accessible and relatable. The focus is on understanding how generative AI works and how it can be leveraged in various industries for innovation and efficiency.
Bullet Point Take-Aways:
Basic understanding of what generative AI is and how it operates.
Insights into the applications of generative AI in different business sectors.
Practical examples of generative AI in action.
Strategies for integrating generative AI into your business processes.
Guidance on how to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving AI landscape.
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Too Many Hats, Too Little Time: Productivity Reimagined with AI Personas. Here is the link: https://a.co/d/fLVimWV
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
BA from the University of Michigan
MA from Northwestern
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
Choose Michael J. Goldrich for your next event and experience a presentation brimming with high energy and enthusiasm. His mastery of AI content is not just theoretical; it's fueled by a genuine love for the material. Michael brings complex AI concepts to life with clarity and engaging storytelling. His expertise ensures that each talk is not only informative but also immensely practical, tailored to empower your audience. Michael's dynamic delivery style and deep understanding of AI make his sessions unmissable for anyone looking to harness the power of AI in their field.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
From my most recent NEIRA conference:
I have been to quite a few AI presentations lately and this was the best BY FAR.
Informative and educational without being too "techy."
One of the highlights of the conference for me.
This session had some of the most tangible content. AI will be an important aspect of work moving forward.
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