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Cowboy Wisdom Enterprises

feeling inner peace understanding liberation, wisdom, inspiration, and understanding

The outcomes I desire to experience is feeling inner peace understanding liberation, wisdom, inspiration, and understanding rise people out of their current situations. It is about showing people they encompass the unique talents to experience their dreams.

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Robert A.
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Describe the work that you do.
I show people to stop healing their past and liberate their now understanding liberation, inspiration, wisdom and innovation to rise them out of their current situations. Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity is hypnotherapy that quiets the subconscious minds frozen in time representations.
Stop healing the past liberate the now.
Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity Is an innerspring communication expressing wisdom Inspiration insight understanding and listener for the clarity of my dreams showing people a better way to xpand through life with ease.
My wisdom shows people the way I xpanded out of my past by listening for the clarity of their wisdom insight and understanding your unique talents.
Pure Liberation rises people up to xpand out of yesterday to energize today’s trailblazer optimism.
1) Pure Liberation
2)Sovereign Xpansion
3) Politically Incorrect Inspiration
4) Show people that listening rises out of yesterday to enjoy today.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
I awaken people that have hidden barriers from school years, craftsman, business, entrepreneurs, people that self help, personal growth, and self improvement disappointed.
I was disappointed with self help. personal growth and self improvement so I discovered the wisdom and inspiration to rise out of my current life to feeling inner peace.
How do you transform your audience?
I am a liberator and unmanipulator. I write and express this in first person. I laugh at me to liberate me from me and viewpoints, opinions, beliefs, childhood, parents and ancestor survival mode thinking to understand me sets me free.
I liberate people for themselves from themselves. I show people the outside world is innocent because everything you blame on others and outside world are subconscious mind frozen in time representations. I show people to stop healing the past to liberate your now. I introduce people to Pure Liberation is a wide awake mediation awakens innerrising rhyming revelations innergizing free flowing inspiration, intuition, innovation, intuition and unique talents. Pure Liberation quiets the thinking knowing memory mind and colors your subconscious scenery with images of your dreams. I show people the to communicate away yesterday's dismay to instant voice their dreams with enthusiasm and excitement to entertain my brain to color my subconscious canvas with the images and descriptions of my desired lifestyle. I introduce people to giving themselves permission to rise out of their childhood and current way life. Life is liberating invitation fostering emancipating adventures of pure liberation, sovereign xpansion, politically incorrect inspiration dissolving politically correct perfection programming to unleash cowboy wisdom and outlaw optimism.
Presentation #1 Details
Pure Liberation
Pure liberation dissolves self-embedded limitation stimulated poised unbiased revelations energizing liminal individuality boldly enterprising rebellious adventurous trailbreaker imaginative nerve naturally electrifying revolutionary visionary energy.
That awakens my adventurous wisdom actuating keen enlightened nirvana spectaculars to celebrate your daily life as a life xpanding xperience grasping I AM sovereign astonishing and accomplished feeling.
My pure liberation polishes uninhibited rainbow elegance lionizes individuality boldly energizing rad audacious trailbreaker intuitive omnific nous.
To flow through visionary veins of vibrancy exhilarates ingenious nirvana splendor to beam from open heart as my soul gleams my sovereign omniscient uninhibited love that I show me myself and I.
AS my love is free flowing energy now and forever more, I soar of spirit optimism actuating rebellious hellraiser wisdom that is my blessing to the world feeding the world pure liberation
1) Pure Liberation quiets your subconscious mind frozen time representations.
2) Opens free flowing inspiration
3) Realizing you are equal to everything and everybody
4) Unlocks adventurous investigative courage to understand you setting you free.
5) Giving yourself permission to rise out of your current situations.
6) Liberation, Inspiration, Wisdom, and streaming my life through my intuition to the universe.
Presentation #2 Details
7 Ways I Weaned Myself From My Childhood
I awakened to understand my viewpoints opinions and beliefs keep stuck in the comfort zone of lingering hindering habits because habits are unrealized comfort zone apathy and thinking
knowing camouflaged limitations.
I instantly weaned myself from my childhood lingering hindering habits by understanding my hindering lingering habits are my subconscious mind frozen in time representations with intertwined emotions feelings images and descriptions of my childhood events, encounters and experiences.
I now realize and admit I never will rise out of hindering lingering habits through my conscious mind thinking knowing and by trying to change my thoughts to change my life stifled internally because my thinking knowing and thoughts are tied to my
subconscious chronicled events encounters and experiences.
I now realize and admit I never will rise out of hindering lingering habits through my conscious mind thinking knowing and by trying to change my thoughts to change my life stifled internally because my thinking knowing and thoughts are tied to my subconscious chronicled events
encounters and experiences.
1) Blame and shame are childhood representations.
2) Trauma and drama are lingering hindering childhood habits.
3) How do you mirror your parents habits and way of life?
4) Habits are you subconscious mind comfort zone.
5) You will never shift or think my way out my habits.
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
My Wisdom Breathes
Book: http://mywisdombreathes.com
Audio: https://tinyurl.com/2s3j4rwd
Website:// https://mycowboywisdom.com/books
My Wisdom Breathes opens the way for you to go on an adventure with liberating calm and enterprising elegance because the book is unpunctuated allows you to experience the book your way to xperience your desired lifestyle through wisdom inspiration and clarity.
Endless Inspiration
Audio: https://tinyurl.com/35p79wec
Book: https://tinyurl.com/3tv5rv2a
#Endless_Inspiration raises your optimism energizes my gamer gumption that innerprizes my trailmaker skills that thrills my heart and soul to entertain your brain’s fame feeling animated magical energy
Endless Inspiration
Karmjet Navarro
5.0 out of 5 stars A profound book!
Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2023
Verified Purchase
One of the remarkable aspects of this book is its ability to inspire personal growth and self-discovery. Through its powerful words, Endless Inspiration encourages readers to let go of past wounds and focus on the transformative experiences of the present. It serves as a reminder that healing and growth can be found in the beauty of what's in today. The poems act as a catalyst for introspection, inviting readers to reflect on their own desires and aspirations, and to embrace the journey of self-expansion. Endless Inspiration is a liberating and thought-provoking collection of poetry that offers a refreshing perspective on life's challenges and opportunities. It serves as a guiding light, encouraging readers to break free from overthinking and embrace the wisdom that resides within. Whether you seek solace, inspiration, or a renewed sense of purpose, this book is sure to leave a lasting impact on your journey of self-discover.
Gifts of Liberation
Gifts of liberation is pure liberation is a wide awake mediation of free flowing inspiration that quiets your memory thinking mind and calms your subconscious mind froze in time representations emotions and inner landscape. Gifts of Liberation liberate you from you and your opinions viewpoints opinions childhood haunts and ancestor survival mode thinking. Gifts of Liberation opens you investigative intuition energizing your wanderers lore witness the world through canny curiosity.
Reviews for Gifts of Liberation
 You've got an updated review by acuity wins on Gifts of Liberation!
 Title: So glad I took the course!
Comment: The Course was recommended to me by a friend, I was hesitant at first because there has been a lot of self-help talk out there. This is different. It leads you back to rediscovering your strength and taking responsibility for your actions.

It encourages you to re-evaluate your life, especially on things holding you back…most of it is self-inflecting damages that we often overlook because we are used to it. Every chapter is unique but interconnected. So, the progression of each chapter was easy to understand and relate. Will definitely recommend this course to my friends!
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Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
I show people a fresh way to expand life. My wisdom is unique liberating people show
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
Endless Inspiration
5.0 out of 5 stars Worthwhile step out of my comfort zone
Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2023
Verified Purchase
Entirely comprised of poetry, this book truly embodies the notion of "Endless Inspiration". Full disclosure, I am not generally a fan of poetry, or rather entire books of poetry. I would not pick up a novel of such over any other structure or genre. But I felt compelled to read this book, partly because I was curious about the contents, and I appreciated that it was not a very lengthy book. I tend to find poetry very rigid, and finding the right words sometimes feels more competitive than expressive. The structures can be specific, and poetry tends to be so personal that it can be difficult to appeal to a wider audience. That is simply my perception of poetry in general. What I enjoyed about this book of poetry was the actual lack of structure and withholding of punctual or grammatical perfection. The poems flowed like an unbound stream of consciousness, gently organized into related chapters or headings; or rather "Endless Inspiration". This kind of poetry came off more like spoken word songs, where the melody tends to be absent, but ideas are shared through lyrics. I would go so far as to say that I found this book to be inspirational in a sense that it sort of encouraged me to continue exploring my thoughts and endeavors without too much regard for tailoring to others. I know myself best and should express feelings and such things in ways that make the most sense to myself, not others.
Robert says:
These new words helped me break free from old patterns and beliefs that were causing inner turmoil. By embracing this liberating language, I found a sense of freedom and optimism. It's not about being politically correct, but rather finding your own unique perspective and embracing your true self. This new mindset allows for personal growth, opens up opportunities, and brings inspiration."
So, I invite you to listen with appreciation and explore this empowering approach to understanding yourself and creating the lifestyle you desire.
Hina Siddiqui
Author I Coach I Podcaster
Robert A Wilson offers Hypnoacuity, his own type of Hypnosis, that takes the feeling of “therapy” out of your session. This offers you the ability to acknowledge where you are or have come from and to expand of the situation so you can joyfully be present in the Now and to participate in the future you wish to fully embody and joyfully step into. I have been in sessions with Rob, felt safe and was able to release old beliefs and expand into the areas I was focusing on. I would highly recommend Rob! Maggie Lukowski
Review of My Wisdom Breathes Finally..
It's a free flow of wisdom and energy, unpunctuated.
After I went past a few pages, it was pure fun and relaxation.
It doesn't change me but expands me.
By reading the book out loud, you can go on a journey of imaginative enlightenment that opens your adventurer's eyes to having fun.
The beauty of this book is that it gives you the freedom to open it to any page and expand out of a bad day.
This allows you to access the wisdom and insights of the book whenever you need them without taking a start to finish approach.
The author has a very unique out of the box writing style that many people may find unconventional for the clear reason that we have learnt to be told and taught than to open, expand, energize and follow our own intuition and passions.
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