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PJC Services, LLC

Safety Expert Pete Canavan provides actionable tips, techniques and tactics that audiences can put to immediate use to enhance both their online security and offline safety. Pete brings over 25 years experience as a Cybersecurity Consultant and Martial Artist to organizations looking to reduce risk and liability, rapidly improve the safety and security of their employees, and develop a safer and more productive work environment through increased awareness and confidence, proper mindset, and attitude. He makes businesses and individuals safer and more secure through his speaking, writing, coaching and consulting. Don't learn safety by accident!

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Describe the work that you do.
Pete is known as "The Safety Sensei" because of his extensive experience keeping his business clients safe from cyber attack in the digital world, and his personal clients safe from harm in the physical world. He trains and consults with both corporate and executive clientele on the easiest and most effective ways to improve safety...and he can do it in minutes, not months! From his proprietary 12-week "Bulletproof Cybersecurity®" program to his virtual and in-person "Weekend Warrior Workshops®" Master Pete can keep you safe no matter where you are.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
I work with SMBs in the $5-50 million/yr range in critical infrastructure verticals including the manufacturing and medical industries, and help them develop plans in 90 days or less for recovering from a cyber attack. I also offer assistance and consulting on various physical safety and security challenges faced by organizations to help make them safer places to work.
How do you transform your audience?
I transform my audiences by sharing the most effective and focused strategies, tips and tools for improving security and safety that I have gleaned from over 27 years in business working with over 700 organizations. I know what works as well as what doesn't. In fact, over 80% of all safety and security problems can be dealt with through effective training and well-defined, systematic processes. Want to know how? Hire me!
Presentation #1 Details
- Armed with Awareness™ - Recognizing Workplace Threats Before Problems Arise -
Establishing routines and staying within our comfort zones breeds complacency – both online and offline. Just because you have never been a victim of identity theft or sexual assault doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. Ignoring a problem does not make it go away. This keynote is intense, and gets to the root of why most people ignore situations until they become victims. It will inspire others to not be complacent, but proactive in being aware and prepared before the need to act arises.

Attendee Takeaways:
- Attendees will learn why established routines and comfort zones are dangerous for their personal safety.
- Attendees will be able to recognize and ultimately begin to vary their routines to prevent complacency and a false sense of security.
- Attendees will stop ignoring threats to their personal safety and begin to identify potential threats that exist during their daily lives.
Presentation #2 Details
- Corporate Insecurity: How To Secure The Weakest Link In Your Company...And It’s Not Your Technology -
After decades of work as an IT security consultant and self-defense instructor, this keynote draws on experience, examples and a bit of humor to illustrate the many issues with security facing businesses today. Many new and emerging technologies make it very difficult to secure data and information from both outside and internal threats. Various issues are covered including social media do’s and don’ts, best practices for password creation, email phishing attacks, malware and ransomware, and physical data protection security procedures.

Attendee Takeaways:
- Attendees will learn how to identify suspect communications.
- Attendees will learn how to protect their systems and data.
- Attendees will understand the ramifications of stolen and encrypted data.
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
1) "The Ultimate Guide To College Safety: How to Protect Your Child From Online & Offline Threats to Their Personal Safety at College & Around Campus"
2) "Self-Defense Survival Guide"
3) "College Campus Safety Officer Defensive Tactics Training Course: How To Be The Safest College Campus With Great Campus Security"
4) "The Altitude of Your Attitude"
5) "Corrections Officer Knife Attack: Self-Defense Training Course"
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
B.S. Computers & Information Systems / Act 235 Lethal Weapons Certification from Pennsylvania State Police / Master Instructor, Hapkido (5th Dan) / Master Instructor, TaeKwonDo (5th Dan) / CPR Certified / First Aid Certified / Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
Threats to our safety, identity, and livelihood have never been greater. I can be the "go-to" resource for any organization looking to improve the security of their company and the safety of their employees. I am dedicated to keeping people and businesses safe in both the digital world and the physical world.

Through my extensive experience as an IT consultant who has run their own business since 1995, I have adapted and evolved along with the threats to my clients from cyber criminals in order to keep my clients' systems, networks and data secure.

As a martial arts and self-defense instructor for over 25 years, I have trained hundreds of individuals (men, women, children, professionals, etc) on how to improve their personal safety and security and effectively defend themselves from physical attack.

I make people and organizations safer in minutes, not months when seconds count.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
“Thank you for being with us. Great reviews plus many positive remarks about your presentation! Again, thank you so very much.”
- Dr. David Long, Safe Schools Conference
“The little extras done as part of your presentation were unique and provided tangible, real benefits for our attendees."
Tom Mooney, Megcomm Productions
“Attendees always come away with solid ideas they can start using immediately. You open eyes every time you speak at one of our events."
Robert Scocozzo, Scent-Sations, Inc.
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