March 17

How to Seduce Your Next Client From the Stage and / or on Radio, Podcasts or Virtual Summits


Are YOU a changemaker looking to change more lives, attract more clients and scale up your business, on stage speaking may be the most compelling way to engage clients directly. And radio shows, podcasts and virtual summits are the next best thing when you can’t be in the room with your new prospects.

But how do you make these opportunities more than one-way conversations—how do you get the audience to actually engage with you—to get them on your list and in your community and so they will become avid buyers of your products and services?  

You simply make them an offer they cannot refuse!

The key to successful in room, on-air or online promotion is to offer something that entices people to sign up on your website, a landing page or a text autoresponder.

Here are some items you can seduce them with:

  • A free consultation
  • A series of irresistible video tips
  • A written list of 10 valuable tips
  • An intriguing self-evaluation quiz
  • A 30-day challenge
  • A free product or sample
  • An audio download (possibly from a teleseminar, or one of your products)
  • A guided meditation
  • An emailed daily dose of your wisdom or expertise
  • A free copy of your published book (this could be a new release or old stock—digital or print)
  • A free ebook or report
  • A free ticket to your event or workshop
  • An insider’s guide
  • A chart that helps them see where they fit
  • A personalized product (such as an astrological chart) based on information they submit
  • A useful digital tool for their advancement
  • Contacts for people who are influencers
  • Access to a virtual summit with at least one leading figure (besides yourself, of course)
  • A list of valuable resources they haven’t the time to gather themselves
  • Free membership in a club, organization or membership program with appealing benefits
  • Free original music related to your subject matter
  • Free interviews with other experts in your field that you may have interviewed
  • Free reviews of products
  • A raffle or contest for some valuable experience or opportunity, such as a VIP day with you or a private dinner
  • Something silly and fun that’s highly viral!

You’ll want to have this opt-in lure already in place before you start your appearances. While sometimes an on-air host will create an opening and invite you to mention your offer, more often than not you’ll have to slip it in. You can do that by saying something like, “and if you go to my website (name the site), you can get….”  Or “if you liked what we are discussing here, you can get more at (name the site) for free!”

So use your time on stage and on the air wisely and never forget to extend your invitational calling card –your call to action–to the audience!

Want to find places to offer make these offers? Go to and subscribe to any one of these resources: Speakertunity Radio Insider for radio shows and podcasts, SpeakerTunity Summits for upcoming virtual summits with open guest presenter opportunities and SpeakerTunity Regional Speaker League Directories for local stages.

I’m Jackie and I can’t wait to see you book the speaking gigs you have always wanted to.



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