June 10

How to Get Booked As A Public Speaker on More VIRTUAL Summits #Covid19

Are you tired of seeing everyone else you know get showcased on virtual summits that are driving their client surge? And you keep wondering why you’re not getting those same lucrative opportunities.

It’s because you’ve not learned the tricks of getting hosts to seek you out because you’re such a hot ticket, they have to have you on their lineup!

Summits are a great way to build your email list, introduce people to you and your body of knowledge, launch a book and engage new potential affiliate partners. Virtual summits are a critical part of a leader’s marketing today, especially since so much is now online! But to get invited consistently you need to prove your credentials as a great virtual summit guest presenter.

Once called telesummits before migrating to the web video, these cooperative online events are a hugely successful way to attract new prospects to your opt-in list, clients and book buyers. And one of best things about them is if you prove to be a good guest, then you get HOT on the summit circuit…you’ll get tons of invitations!

Just to back up a bit and make sure everyone knows what a summit is…this is where a host invites multiple guest hosts to speak on related subjects either in one day or spread over several days. However, everyone promotes to their individual lists. The benefit is that people you may never have encountered any other way will learn about you, watch or listen to your segment and then sign up for a free gift you offer that captures their email for your list.   

So how do you get HOT on the summit circuit…?

You’ll need 7 Things!  First, you’ll need:

  • A compelling subject that can be flexible to fit the summit theme

All summits have a theme, some subject matter that they are organized around. The guest hosts are chosen based on how appropriate their content is related to the theme.  So if you are targeting a specific host/summit, you must offer a presentation that speaks to that theme. This may mean creating something from scratch, or it just could mean re-titling or tweaking an existing presentation you already have. Some hosts allow PowerPoint slides and others simply want to have a dialogue or a Q&A, but you will need to give them a framework and description of your content/presentation. So make sure when applying, you offer a presentation that aligns with the theme.

  • Next, you’ll need a great freebie and landing page

Your free offer will be the key to your success. It has to be irresistible and lead listeners down the path of wanting more from you. It should be attached to an email sequence that urges them to either connect with you for a strategy conversation, purchase a product/resource or join a membership program. Your landing page needs to be crisp and limited on words. One good graphic, a short amount of copy and a registration form should do it, along with perhaps a smaller photo of you and one line on who you are.  Give it a url that is really easy to remember…both for you to offer and for them to take advantage of. The host will want to know your freebie in advance and will want to see it is in alignment with the theme or message.

  • Willingness to co-promote

When I speak with hosts, their No. 1 biggest complaint is that they have admitted a guest presenter who doesn’t fulfill his/her commitment to co-promote. It’s one reason most summits now have gone to a signed contract with guest presenters that actually commit them to specific dates for solos, newsletter inclusions and social media. And they are checking to make sure you’ve fulfilled those distributions. Word gets around fast if you don’t do your part. It’s the fastest way to get very COLD on the summit circuit. The invitations will stop coming. So promote and be a good partner, so that hosts have the confidence you’ll help them grow the event. And related to that, don’t fib on your list size. They can often tell by the limited response. Build TRUST!

  • Mini-media kit

Hosts need an easy way to grasp all the information needed for the marketing and your introduction. While many may require this info to be inputted into a jotform, typform or other automated system, so don’t operate digitally. A simple cut down media kit will do the trick… It should have a description of your presentation, including bulletpoint takeaways;  your short bio (the one they will promote on the air and include in marketing);, title, description and link to your free gift; your website, and your social media links. No more than 2 pages! 

  • Revenue-share products to sell in select cases

On rare occasions, I host will actually invite you to sell a product on his or her summit. And this often means a revenue split of 50%. So be ready in case you happen onto this type of an event. Know what you would sell at $97 or at $397. Have an easy way to purchase this either through a URL you offer — or be able to provide copy, graphics and delivery ability if the organizer chooses to host the order page.

  • Good sized list, if possible

Now many summits—though by no means all—have a minimum list size. Usually this will be 2500, 3000 or 5000, depending on the prominence of the host.  While yes, summits will help you build your list, the more you build it in other ways will help you qualify. Yes, it does sound a bit like a Catch-22, but there are many alternative ways to grow your list. Joint Giveaways are a great way—that’s where a host enables you to offer your free gift online in exchange for co-promotion.   You can also do radio shows and podcasts, offering your free gift to listeners. Try posting videos and photos on Facebook and Instagram to drive people to your free gift. Ask joint venture partners—other leaders with whom you have a relationship—to promote your free gift. Get your numbers up! It doesn’t take much and then you’ll be easily accepted into almost any summit for which you are in alignment. 

  • Great content!

This is paramount. Your presentation cannot me a 30 to 60 minute sales pitch. It needs to offer powerful content that will elevate the audience. It can’t be just rehashed from what tons of other leaders in your space have already offered. It’s uniqueness and packaging (title & description) will be the key to getting a host to say yes, and its empowerment for the listener will be the key to getting the host to want  you back again or spread the word that you were a great guest presenter. Give value! That’s JOB #!. Do this every time you have a summit opportunity and you will grow your opt in list, attract clients to you like a magnet, keep the hosts very happy and become a hot commodity on the summit circuit.

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My commitment to speakers, experts and authors is only complete when we help them get booked more often, in more places—so they can fulfill their mission and grow their business.

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