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Uncovering the Divine Within

Attendees will:
* Learn to destroy limiting beliefs
* Be shown how to discover your Life Purpose
* Learn tools to become the masters of their destiny
* Dramatically improve relationships
* Hardwire their mindset to create new and improved behavior
* Learn to ask for what you want in a way that the universe can deliver

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Describe the work that you do.
I have a gift that allows me to ask the universe to facilitate change on behalf of anyone who listens to me and the Universe Delivers! People have reported financial windfalls, healed relationships, soul mate connections, outrageous business success and more… the best part is, it requires no particular effort on behalf of the listener. You just sit back, say yes and watch as you experience INSTANT energy shifts and shortly after, life miraculously aligns to be in harmony with the desires of the listener.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
People, especially women who are interested in taking their personal and spiritual growth to a new level of expansion that perhaps they never even imagined was a possibility.
How do you transform your audience?
The audience will be transformed by experiencing something they have most likely never experienced before. My work accesses the Superconscious mind, where we are all one, and transforms each person's life in a way that is unique to them. They will feel more at peace, at ease and will experience transformational shifts that are unique to them. I will tell the audience what I am doing, how it works and how they can receive the gifts that are waiting to rush in. People typically notice instant shifts in their energy and leave the talk different than they arrived. Then in the days, weeks and months that follow, they will experience their lives differently as new and unexpected synchronicities take hold and lead them to lives of greater harmony, peace, joy and fulfillment.
Presentation #1 Details
"Align Your Life with Infinite Possibilities" (best for keynotes or large audiences)
This presentation will provide anecdotal stories about different experiences people have had as a result of this work. In the end of the presentation, I can do either one Consciousness Alignment for complete transformation and fulfillment or I can do a mini workshop with greater audience participation.
-The first version includes a simple but powerful Consciousness Alignment and is about 45 min
-The second version with more audience participation is about 2 hours.

* Hear stories of transformation in ways that were never expected
* Learn how the energy of words has powerful meaning and experience that power
* Learn the secret to asking in a way the universe can deliver
* Feel instant shifts in your energy that will allow for change to occur
* Learn about the mindset I have adopted (and you can too) that allows me to facilitate change on behalf of others
* Experience a Consciousness Alignment (or several) that will leave you in a new, more expanded state of being that will open them to a life that is in greater harmony with your dreams.
* Walk away with a new experience that can be used as a touchstone for new possibilities in your life.
Presentation #2 Details
"The 5 Keys to Conscious Creation": (best for in-person workshop events)
This is a 4 hour experiential workshop where I guide people through the process of the 5 Keys of Conscious Creation to use it in their own lives. Before one can learn to command Consciousness on behalf of others, it is important to learn how to first use it in your own life and understand how it works. People will walk away with an understanding of the process and can take the tools home to practice in their own lives.

These are "The 5 Keys to Conscious Creation" that you will Learn in this experiential workshop:
* Learn how to get clear about what you want
* Release limiting beliefs that are clouding you from having your desires
* Feel your desire in your heart as if it has already happened
* Feel gratitude for the desire having already manifested
* Let it go
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Uncovering the Divine Within - A Journey of Self-Love
Embraced By the Divine - The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose (#1 International Best Seller - Collaborative book Project)
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
I have a gift that most people don't even know is a possibility, let alone something that is innate within all of us and we can all learn how to do. My work introduces people to new possibilities and it is something that with determination, the right training and the right mindset, anyone can learn how to do. When people experience my work, they walk away transformed in a multitude of ways, not only by learning what is possible, but by also experiencing profound shifts in their lives that most people have never even dreamt was a possibility. My work changes lives instantly, profoundly and permanently.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
|___| First off I would like to express my gratitude for the consciousness alignment session back in June. Within days of the session I received conformation for a solo art-show in Portugal. Also an important artist from Austria who I knew from the DeviantArt website decided to visit Portugal at that time. My condo has a guest bedroom so I invited him to stay with me which he graciously accepted. I showed him around Portugal and he helped me with the artshow. We established a good friendship and that connection in itself was more significant the show.
Then in September I was invited to participate in a group show at the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris France in April 2020. Then in October I was invited to participate in another group show this time in Macedonia sometime in 2020. And of course you know about my interview on Brenda Pearce’s cable TV show ‘Oxford Empowered’. The future looks bright and exciting! I can’t thank you enough Keri! You have my eternal gratitude!
~Paulo Cunha~

|___| I love the Conscious Alignments!! I am so tired of “efforting”, and. like you, I have long believed the LOA to be total bullshit. You can visualize until the cows LEAVE home, but if you have subconscious blocks…..whatever…..good luck with that vision board. Grace and ease, please.
~Cindy Witt~

|___| I highly recommend Kerri Kannan and the work she is doing with Consciousness Alignment. I have had a few sessions with Kerri and it was a life-changing event. Kerri has a gift of connecting with others to aid in healing and moving forward to live your life in alignment with your purpose. Make the connection with Kerri and see how your life will change positively when you understand why you may be stuck in the same place. She will move you to success!
~Louise Hicks~

|___| I think you and the information you are providing is amazing! I really appreciate it and I resonate with everything you are saying.

|___| I had the delight of being in alignment for your recent call on the 18th because of some sort of snafu that, for what ever, got to my awareness. I was ‘hit’ by the intensity of what was transmitting. I grounded myself and immersed into an experience I can liken only to something akin to a southern baptist revival tent. I was shouting yes and hallelujah… and then I heard that some were requesting help, so I did, as well. I was so impressed by the energy you expended and immediately went into a deep meditation as the call ended to scan what was showing up for me. Thank you for the invitation to your call and bless you for honouring the divine by sharing your gifts… namaste gina -^-
|___| Kerri practices what she preaches. She is honest and caring. She is able to get results quickly and focuses on the individual carefully with constructive and positive output and feedback. She really is someone who makes a difference.
~Ted Kouretas~

|___| For these and more testimonials, please visit https://members.divinewithin.com/praise/
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