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The True Stories Merchant


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Lisa E.
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Manhattan Beach
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Customized themed consultations, live stage and virtual events, corporate speaking, keynotes, promotional presentations, coaching programs, masterclasses, workshops, webinars, panels, conferences, conventions, summits, podcasts, telecasts, online, radio, and TV shows, etc.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Businesses and corporations with more than 10 employees and/or a diversified workforce; women's groups; environmental groups; spiritual centers
How do you transform your audience?
Through meaningful and amazing stories from all over the world that can turn any speech into a mesmerizing experience. Great storytelling educates, advises, and enlightens the spirit. Audiences are impacted, inspired, informed, and entertained by highly engaging speeches that connect people on a personal level, improve lives, and build better relationships in our global communities.
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Who's Got Diversity? All of Us!
How people of various backgrounds can accept, embrace, celebrate, and leverage different personal and business perspectives in various aspects of life, from race, age, and gender, to religion, language, and culture.
To stand out or to blend in? That is the question.
Discovering exotic lands and learning new things from other people of different ethnicities and nationalities.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion – not just trendy notions but the way of the future.
We can all unite to be one great species and share the world in peace and harmony
Presentation #2 Details
You’ve Got the Power!
Courageous conversations on how to bridge the gender gap and build together a better society with a bright future.
Why women’s perceived “weakness” is actually “strength of a different kind”. Addressing “toxic masculinity” and “tonic femininity” and rediscovering one’s real, higher energy.
Why self-esteem, self-help, and self-improvement are key to advancing and empowering women.
Acknowledging and bridging the gender gap. Striving for gender equality. Taking steps towards one’s own leadership and independence – tips from a “modern Renaissance woman”.
Live limitless. How to tap into your inner strength to achieve outstanding outer results.
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Author of The Terran Chronicles: A Voyager in Chronospace
Writer/director/producer - Odyssey of the Spacetime Travelers
Writer/director/producer - The True Stories Merchant 1
Author and presenter of the corporate educational program and upcoming book Higher dimensions of Diversity, Equity, and inclusion
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
2009 Heroes Extraordinaire for Diversity - Wells Fargo Bank
2015 Diversity Champion Wells Fargo Bank
Certificate of Appreciation - Assistance Services Institute for Asians in North America
Certified Trainer - Willpower Consultations
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
The True Stories Merchant. A modern Renaissance woman with an international background and multiple areas of expertise. Speaking on diversity, empowerment, environment, spirituality. Award-winning champion of diversity; advocate of women's leadership and empowerment. Master storyteller who can entertain, inform and transform audiences on a personal level for great business and social success.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
"Bold, relevant, empowering, informative, captivating, and clearly inspired speech bound for TED Talks." Blair Silver - Entertainment Media Consultant
“You did a top-notch professional presentation today. Animated and engaging, stories to make concepts come alive, personable, articulate. It made me realize that a tough subject like diversity causes people to tiptoe around it, and you hit all the targets head on, matter of fact. No wonder you got recognized for this subject because you could bring insight. Congratulations, Lisa, a job well done, hats off to you!” Cecile Miranda - Internet Marketing Specialist
“Grazie! Merci! Gracias! Thank you for sharing your story. Your message is powerful, and it touches many people – overcoming odds and living your dream. Never let your story fall silent!” James C. Stevens – Supervisor, Wells Fargo Bank
“Lisa, you are awesome! Thank you so much for being a guest on my podcast and sharing your valuable insight with our listeners. I enjoyed our conversation and I know you inspired many.”
Colleen Biggs – Entrepreneur, Lead Up for Women Podcast Host
“Speaker Lisa Kirkwood did an amazing job at my event "Your American Dream Summit". She is very professional, engaging, and well-prepared. Her message is powerful, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I would invite Lisa again anytime to speak at my events.” Olga Szwed - Entrepreneur, Event Host
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