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Sylvie, the Cat Whisperer

I help people to spiritually awaken through their cats.

I help people to spiritually awaken through their cats.
I enable starseeds to connect to their soul mission and galactic origins.

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Sylvie Sterling is a Cat Whisperer, International Speaker, Intuitive Healer, Starseed, and Ascension Guide.

As the author of "Your Cat is Your Guide", she reveals the secret mission of cats: To help their humans find and follow their purpose.

As a speaker, she talks about the highly spiritual nature of cats and empowers cat lovers around the world to live a happy, awakened and purr-poseful life with their cat companions.

As a starseed and channeler, she is an emissary to the Lyran star nations, helping awakening starseeds to connect to their galactic origins and soul mission.

At Feline Soul Academy, she teaches animal communication, energy healing, and making a true soul connection with your cat.

Sylvie's teachings are guided by the cat collective and her star family, and infused with her deep understanding of the feline soul and psyche. She devotes her life to help people connect to their cats and receive soul guidance from their feline companions, so they can heal and transform their lives on their joint ascension journey.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Spritually-minded cat lovers, lightworkers, starseeds, and awakening souls. Interested in the topics of cats, consciousness, ascension, E.T.'s, disclosure, and the metaphysical. Usually women in their 30-50s who are on a journey of self-actualization, looking for their soul purpose and for guidance along the way. Also any cat lovers who wants to understand their cat's behavior and deepen their soul connection with their cats.
How do you transform your audience?
I forever change the way people look at their cats! In the course of an hour, I transform their perception from "my cat is a cuddly little animal" to "my cat is a beautiful soul with an important purr-pose: To help me with mine." People walk away deeply moved and inspired by how their cats play such an important role in their lives, and they feel invigorated to pursue their life purpose. By guiding my audience through a little meditation process, I enable them to tap into their cats and receive soul messages - so they can experience it for themselves, rather than taking my word for it.
Presentation #1 Details

Have you ever wondered what your cat's role is in your life? Sylvie Sterling, Cat Whisperer and Ascension Guide, reveals the secret mission of cats: To help humans find and follow their purpose.

Cats are in tune with universal wisdom, and they feel when we are not aligned with our highest soul path. They act as our mirrors, reflecting our unresolved life topics back at us, so we can start to heal. By being their loving, unapologetic, and independent feline selves, they want to inspire us, but also nudge and push us to live our highest truth.

In this experiential workshop. Sylvie will help you access your telepathic gifts to:

- Connect with your cat and ask what their soul purr-pose with you is
- Find out what your cat wants you to know for your ascension journey

Leave this workshop with a remembrance of who you truly are, and a deeper-than-ever soul connection with your beloved cat.
Presentation #2 Details

Have you ever wondered why you feel such a deep connection with cats? You might be a Lyran starseed! Sylvie Sterling, Cat Whisperer and Ascension Guide, reveals the secret mission of cats: To help humans awaken to their starseed mission and cosmic origins.

Cats were seeded here from the feline nations of Lyra. They serve as a reminder of who we are. We share more DNA with cats than any other species!

In this experiential workshop. Sylvie will help you access your telepathic gifts to:

- Connect with your cat and the feline star families
- Receive messages and activations for your starseed mission

Leave this workshop with a remembrance of who you truly are, and a deep soul connection with your cosmic roots and star family.
Share any books you've written, films you've produced, etc.
Your Cat is Your Guide - How your cats helps you with your spiritual awakening
(= book, available on Amazon)
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Certified cat psychologist, behavioral counseler, and animal communicator.
Certified healer in: Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, SASA, Emotion Code.
Accredited life coach. Founder and teacher of the "Holistic Cat Practitioner" program.
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
My topic is unique and brings a fresh, new angle to the consciousness discussion. Thousands of speakers and spiritual teachers talk about the Great Awakening, and how to find your life purpose. But no-one takes into account the close connection that millions of people have with their pets, and how pets come into our lives to support us on our journey. So when I introduce your cat as the secret key to awakening to your true self, it is a showstopper and eye opener for cat lovers around the world.

People love my topic, be it in webinars, podcasts, or on stage. At big conventions, such as this year's Concscious Life Expo, people told me all weekend how my talk was the one they were looking forward to the most! I generate full rooms when I teach, and many ah's and oh's when I guide people into connecting to their cats during a live meditation. People really LOVE their cats and walk away with a new understanding and deeper connection with their feline companion.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
”Sylvie helped me discover parts of myself that seemed buried and lost. Remembering what my purpose is helped me connect to my cats on a much deeper level. Thank you for an amazing experience!" — Lora M.

"Sylvie is very, very gifted and absolutely AMAZING!!! You will not regret your time with her. My time with her was truly life-altering!” — Michael D.

"People loved your workshop!" — Kristine from Conscious Life Expo

"Sylvie has enriched my life in a way I had not thought possible... And I had high expectations! Sylvie led us through the metaphysical world and showed us the close correlation between us and our cats. I am now experiencing the spiritual world in a more mindful and joyful way, and I don't have to feel weird or excentric to others. I can recommend Sylvie to anyone who wants to push through their personal boundaries - to infinity and beyond." — Rebekka B.

"I think everyone who knows Sylvie and is willing to create change, will experience positive transformation in their life. For me, personally, things are moving in exactly the right direction. I also have a much deeper bond with my cats and understand their behavior so much better. My whole outlook on life has changed!" — Cornelia R.
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