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Sharon Day headshot facing right Sharon Day headshot facing right

The Awakened Body Breakthrough

Helping you shift s e x from "meh" 😐 to massive pleasure 🦋

Helping you shift s e x from "meh" 😐 to massive pleasure 🦋

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You know how so many successful, self-aware women feel like something is missing or not quite right in intimacy and pleasure, and their bodies? (Hint: It's why most women resort to faking or exaggerating.)

Well what I do is help them FEEL way more pleasure, short-circuit distracting mind-chatter, and to fully embrace their bodies like they always wished they could, so that sex (with or without a partner) is easy, playful, soul-connected, and super-hot! 

And they feel peace, confidence, and power in their bodies that they never knew was possible.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Self-aware women, generally ages 40 - 70, who know there's something more in intimacy, and are ready to have it. Sexuality is their next personal-development growth-edge.
How do you transform your audience?
Through well-proven, well-practiced methods, many of which are based in mindfulness.
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Mindful is the New Sexy: Proven Attention Hacks for Profound Pleasure in Sex (With or Without a Partner)

Shift intimacy from "meh" to massive pleasure, with or without a partner, with these three super-simple power-tools, straight from The Awakened Body Breakthrough programs. Hot, confident, steamy pleasure is your birthright, you very life force, and you can have it!

In private mentorships, 1-day workshops and 2-day retreats, successful, self-aware women just like you, learn and practice well-proven, effective practices to feel WAY more ease, confidence, and pleasure in their bodies. In today's talk, you'll learn three of those tools, so you can start having more pleasure now.

> Mindful Attention
> Radical Approval
> A secret tool you already have in your pocket

Plus, get a sneak peek at the full progression for having peace, confidence, and sexy turn-on, even in situations that previously felt boring or shut-down
Presentation #2 Details
A Soul-sucking Myth About Women & Sex, and Truth that Liberates Pleasure

Are you one of the millions of women who’s quietly worried that something is missing in sex? The fire has dimmed, the spark has fizzled.

To be honest when you're engaged in an intimate moment, you often end up thinking about tomorrow’s meetings, unanswered emails, or the laundry pile.

Or whether you look pretty enough, thin enough, hot enough. Is it just too much work to bother with intimacy? Many women have given up altogether.

Join Sharon Day to start getting free from shame, guilt, self-consciousness, and old beliefs, to awaken the sizzle in your body in sex (with or without a partner).

In this illuminating session, you’ll learn a pervasive myth about women and sex that has kept pleasure locked up and stifled. When women learn the truth, they stand a little taller, walk a little prouder, and begin to liberate pleasure from its shackles!

> A cultural belief that, once illuminated with truth flips into pleasure
> A surprising, informative tool that you already have in your purse
> A truth that erases years of shame and boosts confidence

Plus get a sneak peek at the full progression for having peace, confidence, and sexy turn-on, even in situations that previously felt boring or shut-down
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Professional Certified Coach, Certified Orgasm Coach
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
Film, video, and popular media in recent years have begun featuring and uplifting the topic of women's sexuality in ways we have not seen before. The popularity of Goop Lab's groundbreaking two seasons of Netflix series' (Sex, Love, and Goop) the recent 2022 film starting Emma Thompson (Good Luck to You, Leo Grande) and the new Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room are just the tip of the iceberg of this burgeoning groundswell, shedding light where it's been previously dark, taboo, shameful, and under the covers. What I offer to women is fresh, skilled guidance towards having the pleasure, ease, and confidence they long for, in a warm, straightforward, easily accessible manner.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
"I liked the open welcoming atmosphere and really liked how you handled the class when people started to get uncomfortable. I liked the participatory aspects and thought you did an amazing job of getting everyone to push their comfort zones while feeling true to their own boundaries. I have taught adult sex ed classes before, but never to a group of anxious beginners like that. You're really amazing at helping people get over their nerves and get where they are trying to go."
~A, Boston
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Speak-to-Enroll from the Stage
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Fee is negotiable, depending on other variables
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Both Live & Virtual
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