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Kristen Budde Keynote Concerts

find the courage to take action to build the life you imagine!

I help audiences find the courage to take action to build the life they imagine by speaking about how to overcome fear and worst case scenario thinking.

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Describe the work that you do.
I offer a keynote concert, which is a unique and engaging presentation that combines a keynote speech with live original music. The songs I perform and integrate into my keynote reinforce the concepts and make for a memorable and impactful presentation.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Women, Faith/Spirituality Communities, College students, Creatives, Entrepreneurs
How do you transform your audience?
After people hear me speak they will be empowered to take action in overcoming their fear so they can realize their full potential and live the life they imagine because my keynote concert will teach them how to leverage their passion, build supportive community and build upon past courageous actions so they can thrive instead of survive.
Presentation #1 Details
Title - From Stuck to Unstoppable

Description - Fear and worst-case scenario thinking keep us from taking action towards our goals. Learn the four steps to getting unstuck and overcoming fear so you can build a life and business that you love.

Take-aways -
-Be empowered to face fears and transform worst-case scenario thinking
-Identify one step to take to face fear
-Learn and practice reflection tool to build courage and overcome fear
Presentation #2 Details
Title - Dreams Don't Have Deadlines

Description - We spend a lot of time dreaming about things we want to do, but often don't pursue them. How often do we believe it’s just too late for us? Kristen will share practical steps anyone can take to make their dream a reality.

Take-aways -
-Understand the power of connecting with supportive community and mentors
-Learn to leverage the power of your passion
-Identify one step to get started moving toward your dream
Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
Fearless Speaker Certification (https://www.fearlessspeakeracademy.com/)
Masters degree in School Counseling
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
My Keynote Concert will stand out and leave a lasting impact because not only does it include a keynote that is heartfelt, humorous and engaging but it also incorporates original music that I sing and perform live with my guitar and violin. The music not only keeps the audience engaged but drives home the message and takeaways. Your audience will leave inspired and ready to take action in their own lives!
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
"Kristen is real and authentic. She pulls out the gold in each of her specific life experiences and makes them relatable for everyone. She interacts with the audience and creates a space where we can process the things we want to overcome. The integration of music and story is most commendable! The music hit home and drove the point across in a tangible way. I would highly recommend booking Kristen for your event!"
-Julianne W

"There are things I've wanted to do but I'm afraid to try. This keynote concert has helped me come to a decision and I am so inspired to try and start taking small steps!"
-Rachael S.

"It was nice to be reminded that fear is a part of the human experience that can either drive us or paralyze us. Kristen connects with her audience in a way that reminds us of the importance of connection and that we are never alone in our fear. Also, her songs are wonderful and her voice is amazing!”
- Hannah E.
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Paid Engagements Only
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