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Jen Buck, Award-Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author

Synergistic Training Solutions

Jen Buck brings extraordinary energy, a crazy-fast pace, and inspiration through storytelling that supercharges her audiences and makes her a crowd favorite. She is known for her lightning-fast wit and motivating message, which brings her back to events year after year. She focuses on leadership and management and is known to supercharge high-performers in ever-evolving and high-intensity environments. Through her inspiring, upbeat, and practical message, leaders can confidently step into their power and transform their leadership influence. Jen is consistently remembered and highly-rated for her fast and funny cadence, along with stories that leave a lasting impact.

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Describe the work that you do.
Jen Buck works with leaders and teams to increase their effectiveness through keynote speaking and training. Partnering with the largest brands in the world, Jen has spoken to and trained 4- and 5-Star Generals in the Department of Defense, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, McDonalds, Walmart, Google, NASA, Yale University, Square, HBO, Rodan+Fields, and even an Emmy nominated actress, just to name a few—the demand for her knowledge and perspective is very broad. She is currently the Chief Communications Officer for an organization with projects in six countries, as well as being the founder of a nonprofit that helped 48,000 people with a team of 12 Directors and 700 volunteers. She has led three U.S. Congressional campaigns as the Chief of Staff, and is currently on the leadership team for one of the largest women's organizations in the world, leading 15 Directors and over 30,000 women daily. Jen Buck knows leadership and she understands how to mobilize and inspire people under pressure. She's not just TALKING about leadership from the platform, she's actually DOING it every day.
Who do you serve/who is your preferred audience?
Jen's ideal client is in a leadership role or is seen as an emerging leader. She often works at large conferences and speaks on leadership, management, personal branding, and building executive presence. Jen is also a big hit at women's conferences and has keynotes tailored to fit women in business and leadership that will help them become a woman of impact.

With over 30 years of experience as an award-winning Professional Speaker and 8x Master Certified Trainer, Jen Buck knows how to get people fired up and moving. She began the first decade of her career in a startup helping to launch a billion dollar global and award-winning brand while in a leadership development training role. So, she gets the pivot, the constant reinvention, the fast pace, and the need for sharp minds who are laser-focused on moving the needle forward.

How do you transform your audience?
Jen Buck brings relevant and cutting edge information that is delivered with a fun and funny cadence that people love, along with that same fast pace. She is regularly recognized as having a tangible buzz and energy that makes her message captivating. Jen loves motivating and inspiring people, while taking them along the journey of growth and expansion, and it's evident from the moment she hits the stage.

Traveling to mega events and clients internationally, she's given over 10,000 programs, spoken in front of audiences as large as 25,000, and impacted over a million people throughout her career. As a 2x bestselling author with seven publications, along with hosting a television show that is seen in 50 countries worldwide, as well as hosting a podcast that highlights female leaders who are changing their corner of the world, Jen Buck is committed to activating and amplifying great leadership.
Presentation #1 Details

Research shows that developing the next generation of leaders is the top challenge for the majority of CEOs. 47% of CEOs surveyed predict there will be a shortage of leadership or executive-level skills in the future. With such a strong business case to be made for it, senior leaders around the world are striving to get more people developed and prepared to step into leadership positions within their companies. When emerging leaders recognize and unleash their value, they are unstoppable—a force that changes the conversations in the boardroom and within the organization. Right this moment, the world is looking for strong leaders and it’s our job to strategically position ourselves to stand out.

Building Executive Presence is about becoming a recognized partner of high-potential. We must strategically look for interesting projects where our voices are heard and force ourselves to apply for stretch promotions that challenge us. Building valuable partnerships and knowing how to strategically position ourselves in meetings takes work, and sadly many of us haven’t been taught this critical skillset. It’s a continual effort, not a one-time event. When we do this consistently and generously, we will see more momentum to rise into influential leadership roles. This fast-paced and inspiring keynote will give leaders the tools to plant their flags and step into executive leadership where they can make an impact.

This fast-pace and high-energy keynote will teach you to:

The goal is to create a larger impact and plant your flag. Learn to build a strong positioning statement that will set you apart from your competitors.

Use the laws of Strategic Positioning to build your relevance and bring forth progressive ideas that will help you take center stage.

Strategically create opportunities and choreograph proximity to those with authority and influence. It's all about who you know and how you navigate.
Presentation #2 Details

The future is female. And so is much of our past. When we look at social change and the myriad contributions women have made, both to historical events and to the society that shapes our modern world, it’s a woman’s social and emotional compass that is often guiding us. There has truly never been a better time for women to take the lead in creating massive social impact than right this very moment. We are watching more women open organizations, more women lead companies, and more countries with women at the helm-- these are exciting times as we watch women take center stage and stand in their truth. This inspiring and soul-stirring keynote will encourage women to take the lead, step into their power, and create a movement that will have an impact on the world around them.

As the Chief Communications Officer for an organization with projects in six countries, along with being the founder of a nonprofit, Jen Buck is committed to being a woman of impact. Whether it’s working in the executive role, leading U.S. Congressional campaigns as the Chief of Staff for marginalized candidates, or leading 30,000 women and 15 Directors daily for a women's organization, Jen is committed to utilizing every resource she can to make a difference so that everyone is treated equitably. The goal is to help female leaders plant their flags and leave a legacy--- and that's why this keynote matters so much.

This incedibly powerful keynote will inspire the audience to:

We make an impact by stepping into the unknown, disregarding fear and focusing on how we can create change that will benefit others. It's not about being fearless, it's about learning to dance with your fear and come out the other side successfully..

Bold moves demand imagination and determination, and women have that in spades! Dreaming big, finding the right strategic partners, and being willing to lean in to new opportunities is what will help us leave a mark and make an impact.

Our ability to adapt to change and make the most of newfound challenges and opportunities will be the key differentiator in the impact that we make. Ultimately, it's about embracing new strategic positioning rules and setting yourself up to be seen as a partner of high value.
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Share any Certifications, Degrees, or Awards you have.
-Zenger Miller
-Wilson Learning
-Carlson Learning Company
-Total Quality Management
-International Learning, Inc.
-Discovery Learning Services, Inc.
-Bob Pike's Creative Training Techniques

- Rookie of the Year,
National Seminars (2000)
Why would a booker choose you (sell yourself a bit)?
I've been doing this a long, long time and I use over 25 years of experience in Talent Development to transform people into world-class leaders. As mentioned earlier, I have given over 10,000 programs, to audiences as large as 25,000, and impacted over a million people in my career. I'm also the Chief Communications Officer for an organization and on the leadership staff for another org leading 15 Directors and 30,000 women; I don't just talk about leadership from stages, I live it every single day. Great leadership matters and inspiring action is what I do best.

Learning, leading, and motivating is in my DNA. I have this crazy belief that learning should be fun and increase people’s energy… it’s time to ditch the idea that learning is a drag. Or, ditch the boring Speakers who actually are a drag. Either way, learning should elevate an audience and make them feel unstoppable. That's what I'm committed to.

On a fun note, I will tell you that I was somehow given the gift of being the person who is every woman's best friend, or seen as the little sister that the men love to joke and play with. I don't know how it happened, but I'm guessing it's the 7 boys I was raised with. All of that to say, I have this gift of likability and transparency, which I'm grateful for and I'll never screw that up. It's a big gift. I don't ever- truly EVER- do the high-maintenance, moody, infelxible, first class, diva thing. That's a promise. I'm easy, fun, love to play, oozing with gratitude, and just damn happy to be alive.

I understand the inner and back-end workings of creating a great event and I know the value of delivering a high-quality product to all partners involved... all that to say, you won't need to chase me down or pull out the kid gloves to deal with me. My job is to make your event spectacular and that is always top of mind for me. Really, top of mind. After this many years, I know why working together, being kind, over-delivering, and hitting a homerun matters, every time.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to work together... if that doesn't work out, we can go have coffee and laugh until we become best friends.
Share any recommendations, reviews, or testimonials you have.
1.) Les Brown | Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author and TV Host at Les Brown Enterprises
Jen's got star written all over her... she's going to be the next big thing!

2.) Chris Grebowiec | Global Learning Leader at Square, Inc.
I have worked with Jen multiple times with a large variety of clients. Today, she is my "go to" for motivational speaking, communications, leadership, service training, personal mentoring, and coaching. There is no one I have encountered who brings the combo of experience, intelligence, and fun. Simply put, she is exceptional!

3.) Ginny Clarke | Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Google
Jen is a breath of fresh air! She comes from unexpected places with a call to action that is moving and important. What a compelling storyteller!

4.) Miriam Warren | Senior Vice President at Yelp
Jen's intimate and vulnerable talks inspire audiences to use their everyday privileges to help others. Jen's speaking style is relatable to anyone who's hoped to tackle life's hard questions.

5.) Ashish Kaushal | Founder and CEO at HireTalent and Consciously Unbiased
Jen is a change agent and inspirational speaker who has a passion for empowering the next generation of women leaders through examples and action. She shows us how the power of ONE makes a difference to create the space for all others to succeed.

6.) Casey McNeal | Professional Development Consultant and Humorist at BrainBuilt Development Group
Jen is the absolute best at what she does. I've known and worked with her for 20 years and I can assure you she's top shelf! Every professional finds out, after years of collaboration and work with other professionals, that there are only a select few you can really count on... Jen has been my go-to forever. You can absolutely depend on her in every way! Jen is the absolute best at what she does. I've known and worked with her for 20 years and I can assure you she's top shelf! Every professional finds out, after years of collaboration and work with other professionals, that there are only a select few you can really count on... Jen has been my go-to forever. You can absolutely depend on her in every way!

7.) Mike Hollingsworth, MBA | Facilities and Fleet Manager at City of Chandler
I have worked with Jen on numerous past occasions. Jen brings an unparalleled level of expertise, contagious energy and passion when working to help organizations develop and transform their business. She has an almost natural ability to motivate her audience and provides tools that can be immediately implemented to get results. Most impressive is the positive transformation that visibly occurs to staff when they attend one of Jen's courses. An amazing motivational speaker!

8.) Laura Gates | Founder at The Gates Group
Jen's bravery in helping those in need at a crucial, yet decisive, time in our country's evolution is inspiring. Her willingness to get up on stage and share her experiences is even more courageous, given the subject matter. Her honesty, depth, warmth, and call to all of us to take action in the face of adversity is timely and essential.

9.) Rachael Bello | Account Representative at Rodan+Fields NOLA Convention 2018
"She captivated me with her words and touched my heart and soul"

10.) Valerie Francis | Senior Training Consultant at Keller Williams
I've hired Jen many times to deliver tailored training for several of my clients. She is responsive to my requests and is thoroughly prepared when she meets my customers. As a subject matter expert in communication, management and customer service she presents programs that are participant-centered, practical and engaging. She consistently receives high-marks from seminar attendees with the general consensus being, "Bring Jen back!"

11.) Eric Blackwell | Training Manager at Sit 'n Sleep
"Our company was in need of strong Customer Service training for many employees. We wanted to raise the bar and enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff. Jen came in, worked hard and delivered a remarkable session that achieved all of our goals and then some. She is personable, ethical and understands serving a client. Her energy is infectious and she is a complete professional."

12.) Joseph Phillips, MBA | Director or Quality Improvement at The Salvation Army
Thank you so much for your Creative Leadership Camp. All in attendance ranked it the best. On behalf of the Leadership of the Salvation Army's Social Services of Greater New York, Thank You for a very valuable two days. Jen made our two days! She was, by far, the very best Speaker we have had in my past 6 years here at The Salvation Army. Without fail, everyone in attendance came to me to thank me for this great experience and mentioned her name as a Superstar that they all want back with us soon. The content was so appropriate to our needs and we all learned new and exciting skills to enhance our management of our nearly 1,200 team members that we work with daily. I had many opportunities to watch our leadership team of 32 people these past two days. I have never seen a group of 32 people so captivated and all paying such close attention to a speaker before. Jen was magical. We will be doing this again and you will be my only telephone call. Thanks!

13.) Adam Elliott | Senior Training Consultant at Enterprises Learning Solutions
" I will never forget my favorite quote I heard about Jen back in 2003--one of my clients handed me his card, asked if she was available for a keynote on a certain date, and then said, "I am convinced that she can do anything"! Over the years working with her, I have to agree 100%! She is always at the top of her vocation, a great partner to work with and just a joy to be around. I recommend Jen to any of my clients and just wish I could clone her and have about five more to work with! There is no limit to what she can do!"

14.) Zandra Foster | Coordinator, Academic Services at Emory University
I just wanted to take a few moments to say that Jen was AWESOME! The enthusiasm and energy she brought to the training were both appreciated and well received by the group. Professionally, she was everything we needed, wanted and more. On a personal note, as I think of my own growth and development, she was everything that I aspire to be. I was very impressed by her sense of humor and versatility. She was absolutely phenomenal and a delight to observe. I thought I would simply be there to observe, but I couldn't help it....I had to engage!

15.) Jack Canfield | Speaker, Best Selling Author, Founder/Creator at "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
Jen's book is "a must read for every woman who wants to know how to create more success and satisfaction in her life"
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Paid Engagements Only
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12,000 / virtual
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Both Live & Virtual
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