The Art of Conscious Creation Audiobook is finally available and ready to add to your library!

The acclaimed and award-winning book is now up on Audible!

I'm so excited to share The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World in this exciting new format.

It's the first of my two companion books, Managing Your Personal Frequency, which gives you influence over the life you live today and the future you desire to manifest.

A few people you might recognize even shared their thoughts on it:

  • "An astonishing book! This is the first paint-by-the-numbers approach to creating a personal and planetary life that is abundant and happy for all." - - Dr. Joe Vitale, author "The Attractor Factor," star of "The Secret"
  • “If you’re ready to create your personal world into a veritable ‘Garden of Eden,’ read, drink in deeply these profound insights and together let’s positively change the world.” -- Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • “Jackie thank you for The Art of Conscious Creation. The more that we can assist and motivate individuals to discover the creative tools within each of us to shape life in productive directions, the sooner we can create conscious evolution on a significant scale for our global civilization.” -- Edgar Mitchell, astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). 

You'll recognize the voice of the author since I narrated it myself...

You may know me best for my radio/podcast tours or my SpeakerTunity™ company, but I have also long been one of the pioneers in understanding the impact and guiding how to alter our personal energetic transmissions for life transformation.

By the end of this audiobook you will:

  • See precisely how the energy works to impact everything around you and some of the astonishing science behind it—many jaw-dropping studies of which may be new to you!
  • Discover the 25 guiding principles that govern our interface with the world
  • Share the nearly two dozen very specific meditations for healing various aspects of the world so you can experience them and be a part of the solution.
Jackie Lapin

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