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Somax Performance Institute

We increase lung capacity up to 33% by releasing microfibers (mild scar tissue) and tension that are restricting chest expansion.  As the chest becomes more flexible, more air can be moved in and out of the lungs.

Chest expansion (and lung capacity) can be restricted by lifting weights, lung infections (allergies, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia), sports impacts, auto accidents, poor posture, chronic breath holding and chest surgery.

As the chest expands, the voice deepens, becomes more resonant and there is more air available to effortlessly project the voice.

We encourage all speakers to order our directions for measuring their chest expansion as conventional vocal coaches will not do this.


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Our clients work with us when they find little or no improvement from stretching, massage, deep massage, physical therapy or chiropractic. Before and after photos of our clients can be found at A short video on Microfiber Reduction can be found at the top of
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Microfiber Reduction
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By reducing tension with our Tension Reduction exercises and microfibers (mild scar tissue) with our Microfiber Reduction program, we reverse chest stiffness in our clients and increase lung capacity. Most clients at least double their chest expansion. One increase his chest expansion 900% in four weeks from .5" to 5". As chest flexibility increases, our clients not only improve their voice, they also increase their energy and require less sleep (sleep is more refreshing) as they take in more oxygen at night when their brain needs it the most.
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