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Mic Drop Voice Coaching & Theme Music Composition

Mic Drop Voice Coaching:.

When speaking you need your voice to exude authority & confidence. In just 6 short weeks, my proven & guaranteed method will help you to realize and access your vocal potential, by training your voice the way a singer would, so you can engage your audience at the highest level make the greatest impact you're capable of.


Mic Drop Theme Music Composition:

Your own customized Theme Music. When you walk on stage, how would it feel both for yourself and your audience to have your own theme music?


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What makes you special or unique? Why do customers choose you?
Above and beyond providing top notch voice training and theme music composition, I have 100% customer satisfaction and amazing testimonials.

I change lives.

People say I am a great teacher, SO much fun to work with, and I provide a safe space for exploring your voice.

Same goes for the Theme Music. 100% customer satisfaction.
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Mic Drop Voice Coaching & Theme Music Composition
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Does your audience strain to hear you? Do you exude authority when you speak? Do you strain your voice and feel a lack of confidence when those nerves kick in?

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most qualified in your particular area of genius... if your audience doesn't notice you, can’t help them because of how you delivered your message. They won’t hire you and you won’t change the world, you won’t be able to speak up for your mission….if you don’t stand out they’re going to look somewhere else.

I champion Speaker into ICONS in their field: rocking the stage, having more confidence, engagement and impact when delivering their message, by learning to hone & harness their vocal power - using my proven & guaranteed 6 week voice coaching program Mic Drop.

I also produce theme music and jingles to create a powerful connection between your brand and your audience, and position yourself above the competition.

Choose from a variety of packages all designed to get you those standing ovations you know you're capable of, to truly STAND OUT, sell from stage, make BIG impact, and change the world! 
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