During these unique times, virtual networking opportunities are front and center!

For years, SpeakerTunity® has been known for providing leads for live speaking, podcast, radio shows, and virtual summits...

Given this unique time in the world, we're now expanding to include Virtual Networking Opportunities as well!

This one-year subscription gives you access as we continue to grow and develop the list.

In addition, you'll receive two bonuses when you order now:

  • How to Knock-It-Out-of-the-Park with Virtual Networking
  • The SpeakerTunity® Video Networking Business Tracking Sheet

What are some examples of these networking events?

  • Some are 2 or 3 day conferences with some teaching in between but 10-15 breakout sessions to meet people.
  • Some are national organizations that have opened their networking meetings to non-members.
  • Some are women’s groups hosted by individuals or organizations.
  • Some are general entrepreneur networking groups that are hosted by one leader, who is looking to secure prospects by creating a collaborative networking meeting for others, and briefly introducing his or her service in between networking sessions.
  • Some are conscious or holistic business groups that welcome newcomers.
  • Some are industry specific groups or locally specific.
  • Some are just business happy hours.
  • And more!

We have collected everything that enables you to meet others in a collaborative environment that welcomes business networking.

All of these events occur on a regular or semi-regular basis.  You'll receive them all and more throughout your annual subscription of $99 per year!

Jackie Lapin

I'm Jackie Lapin, Expert Speaker and founder of SpeakerTunity®, SpeakerTunity Cities®, and Conscious Media Relations.  I provide thousands of speaker opportunities to leaders, authors and experts in the U.S. and Canada.

Over the years I've helped thousands of authors, speakers and transformational leaders get booked and get their message to the world in the way they deserve.

Just like every business, SpeakerTunity® is changing to adapt to the current situation by bringing you more value than ever!

All of these events allow you to join for low or no cost to promote your products and services or make a FREE OFFER to encourage immediate connection with people you meet in breakout rooms and main room sessions.

Only $99 per year with periodic updates and your two special bonuses:

How to Knock-It-Out-of-the-Park with Virtual Networking
The SpeakerTunity® Video Networking Business Tracking Sheet!

Your subscription begins now and includes the next year of opportunities!  A paid subscription to the SpeakerTunity® Recurring Virtual Networking Update entitles you to as year’s access to an document accessible on Google Drive which provides an ongoing and growing list of periodically recurring virtual networking events that are no or low cost and offer you an opportunity to introduce and market yourself and your products/resources to new prospects, who are attending for the purpose of networking. Because of the nature of our products, lists and data collection practices, SpeakerTunity® is unable to offer refunds once the product has been fulfilled. To subscribe, click the button above.