Get Out, Get Connected, Sell More Books and Grow Your Business via SpeakerTunity™

How Do I Get More Clients or Readers and Have More Impact?

That's the question I hear from nearly every transformational leader, expert, author, coach and business owner that I encounter

  • How can you live your purpose, change more lives, sell more books and live a financially bountiful life if people don't know about you?
  • Why is it some leaders seem to be everyewhere--their businesses and their reputations growing by the day?
  • And your books languish on your storage shelves, your e-courses are going unbought, your products grow stale and your events flatline?

To have impact, people have to know about you.

And that’s why I created SpeakerTunity™.

I know how busy transformational leaders and business owners are. I am both of those myself.

Who has time to go find the opportunities that will put you in front of your next client, student or buyer? Don’t expect them to come to you. You need to be where they are!


SpeakerTunity™ is the bridge. We search for speaking opportunities, radio shows, podcasts and virtual summits that can be life changing for both you and the audience!

And then we send the leads to you, complete with all the contact information for the decision makers.

Want women’s business meetings and conferences? Need health and wellness opportunities? How about business building and networking groups? Unity Churches and Centers for Spiritual Living? Do you yearn to be a TedX speaker? Looking for mom’s groups, senior/boomer gatherings, parenting conferences? How about being featured in a Library Speaker Series? And that’s just to start! We’re looking for anywhere you can have an impact! SpeakerTunity™ Speaker Leads opportunities stretch out over the US and Canada. Planning to travel? Quarterly, we focus on one particular market so you can easily create speaking tours to new cities. And as added bonus, join our private Facebook Group where we post immediate “Calls for Speakers” from events and promoters around the continent. 

As for radio shows and podcasts..I’ve been booking some of the top names in the transformational world along with other impactful authors on radio shows and podcasts for 10 years. I’ve booked more than 10,000 interviews. For SpeakerTunity Radio Insider™, I’ve curated a list of 25 new opportunities for you every month from my exclusive database! Broadcast, internet, podcast and satellite radio shows—just waiting for you!

Virtual summits are a list building goldmine! Need more client prospects...keep building your list! I and my team scour our connections to come up with new summits every month that have OPEN GUEST PRESENTER opportunities. SpeakerTunity Summits™ is your summit matchmaker!

Each of these is only $35 per month. Think about it...What’s the cost of not joining?

Only one good client obtained--or a dozen books sold--through a SpeakerTunity lead and your cost is covered for the entire year!

Get lots of new clients and you’ll be kicking back in the sunshine!

Join SpeakerTunity™ and Fill Your Speaking Calendar!

We Do All the Research, So You Can Do What Fills Your Heart—Live Your Mission!!

120 + Speaker Leads each month across North America, a quarterly regional city roundup, and a private Facebook Group with timely leads to jump on!

We’ve got the Radio Shows that are receptive—and even eager—for transformational content! Broadcast, Satellite, Internet and Podcast. National and Local. 25+ contacts a month.

Want to build your list? Virtual Summits are the way to do it! Find the ones aligned with your message and contact the host to get acquainted. Even if the current one is booked, now you’re on the list for future! Summit hosts delivered to you monthly.

Only $35/month!

Only $35/month!

Only $35/month!

Get SpeakerTunity Suite (ALL THREE) for Only $85/Month


I have used SpeakerTunity for several months. I received some great leads and filled up my schedule. SpeakerTunity has been very helpful!

Rachel Z


I can't even keep up with all the bookings Jackie has acquired for me! And all of them top notch

Dee Wallace-TV and film star (E.T. The Extraterrestrial), healer, spiritual teacher and author


This is an incredible resource, so grateful!!!!

Rachelle Mont Trahan, Rachelle Trahan Coaching