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SpeakerTunity® Presents The Corporate Playbook!

With Candy Barone

It’s time to take these powerful strategies used by the elite corporate presenters and put them into your hands so you get into the game!

Even if your message has been considered too “soft or woowoo” for the corporate world in the past, there is a new recognition and openness for humanizing and equitizing the workplace—the doors are open and you just need to know how to play the game.

SpeakerTunity® has partnered with renowned corporate trainer and coach, Candy Barone, a 20-year veteran with Fortune 100 companies and numerous major corporations on her client roster, to bring you the Corporate Playbook Training Program.

This 7-module program is packed full of juicy instruction including how to:

  • Leverage your existing network.
  • Overcome the barrier of feeling you’re not what they want or that you aren’t ready.
  • Get certified for becoming a woman, minority or veteran-owned business to increase your chances of getting selected.
  • Show you are in the know and directly relevant to what they are experiencing.

  • Establish yourself as an authority and expert within the industry or industries that are aligned with your target companies.

  • Focus your marketing with clarity so that it hits in their sweet spot.

  • Effectively work the trade associations where your decision makers hang out.

  • Speak the language of accountability and metrics which make them see you as a perfect presenter, educator or strategic partners.

  • Identify the correct gatekeepers and build the relationships that create long-term income.

  • Springboard one appearance into an annual contract.

  • And more…