Choose One of Our Professionally Designed Presentations to Customize to Your Needs

You have the choice of selecting from 5 slide presentations:

  • 5 that are specifically designed for making a paid offer
  • 5 that are specifically designed for making a free offer

They are designed to prompt you on what to place on each slide for maximum impact. You simply replace your words and images with the words in these spaces. The existing words will disappear when you begin inputting yours. However, you are fully enabled to change the slides as you see fit: removing, adding, or moving them around. They are simply a guideline to make it easy for you to structure a successful slide presentation or webinar.

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4

Template 5

Step One:  Complete Your Presentation Template

Step Two:  Gather Your Materials

Once you've finished filling in your Excel form, gather your logos, brand colors or other information for our designer. Be sure to include the number of your template choice from above.

Step Three:  Submit Your Materials Here