To Create Your Custom Presentation or Uplevel Your Existing Presentation

Please provide either a slide-by-slide text and visuals description either on a word document or an excel sheet (one slide per line). We've included some Excel sheet examples you can use below.

  • If you're creating your own sheet or using our reference, your excel sheet should have the following columns—slide title, slide text, graphic or visual suggested.  Keep in mind that there is an additional charge of $30 for each additional slide over 40.
  • Please provide a description here of what you would like to see in terms of colors, feel, style. The designer will send you a sample for your approval before completing the entire deck.
  • If there is additional graphic or artwork you would like to submit, include it as an attachment with your email.
  • Are there other specific graphics you would like the designer to search for or include?
  • If there are specific animations you would like to include and if so, for which slides (fly ins, stacking (revealing one line at a time), fade outs, etc.), please let us know in your instructions.
  • Please provide any additional instructions or guidance to the SpeakerTunity Designer BEFORE we begin designing your presentation. 

Need to Create Some Extra Slides?

Extra slides are available for $30 for each additional slide. Simply purchase your extras here.