SpeakerTunity Sheets®

Thanks for purchasing an additional revision to your SpeakerTunity Sheet!

Please send all of your details for your revision to us via email at speakertunitysheetsdesigner@gmail.com.  If you are sending larger files, please be sure to include a Dropbox or Google Drive link to these files.

In addition, please include your original version of your SpeakerTunity Sheet!

For your graphics - Please provide HIGH RESOLUTION images in JPG or PNG… Preferably 300 dpi or above. (Please no internet low res files of 72 dpi.)

  • A headshot, a middle-distance image from your waist up and, if you have them, photos of you speaking from the stage.
  • Your logo or brand imagery. And if you wish to include them, logos from impressive clients you’ve served, places you’ve spoken or media where you have been interviewed.
  • Your book cover if you are an author, or logos representing your own podcast, radio show or YouTube channel.
  • To boost your credibility and prestige, logos from organizations you belong to; or awards images, prizes or medallions from prizes or awards.
  • Other pertinent images