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SpeakerTunity Cities is the VERY FIRST resource that gives Speakers, Experts, Authors and Entrepreneurs exactly what you need most - instantly at your fingertips.

Direct Contacts for All the Grassroots Speaking Opportunities in the Markets of Your Choice Across North America.

SpeakerTunity Cities includes Meetings, Associations, Venues and Organizations in each market!

Each contact includes name, phone number, email and website.

To give you an idea of what you will find in each SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Directory, here are the categories of leads to be included:

Business Focus:

  • Networking & Entrepreneur Meetings
  • Business Organization Meetings by Industry (as many as 50 different categories)
  • Regional Chambers of Commerce
  • Conscious Business Meetings and Holistic Chambers of Commerce
  • Young Professionals Groups
  • Industry-Specific Business Meetings
  • Ethnic and Special Interest Business Councils
  • Faith-Based Business Chambers or Councils
  • Professional Associations
  • Professional Coaches and Consultants
  • Business Education Providers and Venues
  • Women’s Business Meetings
  • Women’s Chambers of Commerce
  • Women’s Industry-Specific Meetings
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Public Speaking Organizations
  • MomPreneur Meetings
  • And More...

Consumer Focused:

  • Women’s and Men’s Special Interest Groups
  • Mental and Physical Health Support Groups
  • Health & Wellness Meetups
  • Hospitals with Speaking Opportunities
  • Mature Interest—Boomers, Seniors and Elders
  • Mom’s Group and Parenting Organizations
  • Youth
  • Veterans/Military
  • LBGT
  • Authors and Book Lovers
  • Library Speaking Opportunities
  • Presentation-Friendly Bookstores
  • Environment and Sustainable Living
  • Ethnic and Cultural Groups
  • Arts and Culture
  • And More...

Spiritual Life & Consciousness Exploration

  • Centers for Spiritual Living
  • Unity
  • Unitarian Universalist
  • Local Spiritual Centers and Holistic Living Centers
  • Selected Churches
  • Faith-based Sisterhoods, Brotherhoods & Fellowships
  • Consciousness Exploration Meetings
  • Atheists and Free Thinkers

Philanthropic, Service & Advocacy Groups

  • General Service Organizations
  • Men’s Service Groups
  • Women’s Service Groups
  • Special Interest Service Groups
  • Service Groups Serving Youth
  • Service Groups Serving the Underserved
  • Service Groups Serving Specific Ethnicities and Nationalities

Erin Loman Jeck

Executive Speech Coach, TEDx Speaking Coach and Speaker

“I purchased the SpeakerTunity Cities Directories for three different areas in California. I was looking to start my own speaking tour in California as I was preparing to promote my upcoming Transformational Speakers Summit event in Southern California (I reside in WA). I set up a generic email script and pulled open the list and started emailing all of the event organizers listed that fell into my ideal audience, and to my delight, I was able to set up 15 speaking gigs within 2 weeks, with only a month in advance to being there. These lists are accurate, informative, and LUCRATIVE. If you are even wondering about purchasing these lists, DON’T WASTE your time- PURCHASE IT NOW! I was able to generate over 20K in sales from these speaking opportunities, well worth the cost of purchase.” 

All Markets Coming in 2019:


  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County/Long Beach
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • Seattle/Tacoma
  • Portland
  • Denver


  • New York
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Boston
  • Denver

South & Southeast

  • Florida
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta
  • North Carolina


  • Chicago
  • Ohio Cities
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Detroit


  • Toronto
  • Calgary/Edmonton
  • Vancouver


Own the List, Own Your Stages.