How to Write a Media Kit So Hot That Hosts Perfectly Showcase You!

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There’s a lot that goes into being strategic about this…not just waiting around for people to invite you. You have to know how to make yourself memorable to a host, write a really compelling pitch letter, and figure out where to find the contacts for the shows that are right for you. 

This is everything you need to lock in a tremendous slate of shows over the next year!

No more struggle. No more missed opportunities. No more longing to have the visibility you deserve! This will make your road to stages simple and easy!

You’ll be off and running for a mere $799 for all this incredible value with SpeakerTunity Radio Insider® or $997 for Speaker Radio Insider for BUSINESS®.  Or choose any of these offers a-la carte based on what fits best for you.

How much would it cost you to source these leads on your own, create your podcast introductory sheet and know exactly how to capture those bookings?

By the end of this training you will learn how to:

  • Craft a dynamic media kit that gives hosts answers to all their questions before they ask you...and leads them down the path to sell you and your products to their audience
  • Create each of the six key elements in an impactful media kit
  • Master the simple ways to make it look authoritative and professional
  • Anticipate exactly what a host wants so you won’t be filling numerous requests and wasting lots of your valuable time with back-and-forth emails!