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10 Speaking Bookings in 10 Days

Haven't really buckled down to get things moving?  Living on wishes that someone will just ask you to come fill their stage? 10 Speaker Bookings in 10 Days is your answer.  This presentation will give you the kickstart you need to fuel your speaking engine!

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5 Simple Steps to Secure a Steady Stream of Conference & Event Stage Appearances

If you are looking for larger speak-to-enroll audiences or paid speaking appearances, then you are in the market for conferences and event stages. These are lifeblood of speakers who are playing at a high level of consistent revenue and client attraction.

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How to Mine Your Speaking Niche for Impact and Income

As a speaker, your NICHE has the power to transform your sense of purpose, accomplishment and your bank account.

Almost everyone reading this needs to get in front of an audience to fill your client list.

But the more you begin to understand your clients, the more you can find the specific places, events and messages that can attract them more effectively and create more impact every time you speak.

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20 Easy Ways to Create Irresistible Speaking Presentation Titles

One of the most under-rated factors in how often and where leaders get booked to speak is the quality of their presentation title! You can be a stellar speaker, but if your title isn’t compelling, you’ll find it hard to get booked…

You must capture the essence of your message, while still leaving the audience (or booker) wanting more. You must impart some persuasive reason why they must hear what you have to say (urgency, warning, problem-solving, ease, improved outcome, filling a knowledge void.) And you must keep it short!

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Crafting the Podcast Introduction Sheet That Turns You Into a “Must-Have” Guest

It's time to raise your credibility, professionalism and desirability for all of the podcasts you want to serve. This training helps you get rid of the fluff and common mistakes to make you more visible than ever.

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How to Make BUSINESS Podcasts Your #1 Source of New Clients

Are you capitalizing effectively on BUSINESS Podcasts, Videocasts and Radio?

If not, you are missing the boat!

This is a highly lucrative and effective strategy for not just growing your business, but keeping a continual of flow of clients coming in to your community.

This training will help you get in front of your potential clients where they already are listening and tap into a market that has grown exponentially over the past year!

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8 Ways to Sabotage Your Speaker One-Sheet

There are many critical mistakes that you can make when trying to impress speaker bookers...

That's exactly why I want to share my cautionary tale with you so that you're always putting your best foot forward, getting the credibility you deserve and showing why you are the best option for the booker's audience.

Your speaker one-sheet is one of your most important tools and if you don't have the right one, or you're not really sure what it should look like, then this session is very important for you!

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Why Successful Life and Business Coaches Use Speaking as Their #1 Strategy for Client Attraction and Lead Generation

Growing a business as a life or business coach can be very rewarding, drawing upon your expertise to help clients achieve success. But the nature of coaching is that, should you be successful, your clients graduate to independence. Which means you are always looking for new prospects to fill your client list!

Coaches who use speaking as a means to attract new clients find it immeasurably easier to fill their client rosters than those who rely on referral or other means of marketing! One-to-many success on stages, leaves more time for living a life of balance. So how do you get booked consistently for the speaking engagements, podcasts and other opportunities that uplevel your client attraction?

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10 Reasons Why You Must Do a TEDx

Getting booked for a TEDx isn’t an easy endeavor. You have to have a “rock-solid idea worth spreading” that is unique. You have to invest time and money to pitch the right ones. Then if you get booked, you need to show up for coaching and rehearsals. And then, you have to have the courage to stand on stage and deliver it!

So why put all this effort into it?

Because it’s worth it!

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How to Implode Your Corporate Speaking Career Before It Starts

By the end of this presentation you will:

  • Do the right homework for potential or future gigs to understand the client's wants and needs
  • Understand what needs to be in the proposal and presentation to deliver on your promise.
  • Overleveraging (or underleveraging) clients or brand names before you've completed the project...or even landed the gig
  • Align your presentation with the new corporate environment and avoid the old cliches or tropes that companies are now avoiding
  • Avoid getting shut out of a $355.6 BILLION industry

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