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Once you have your clients...it's time to start networking!

During these unique times, virtual networking opportunities are front and center!

For years, SpeakerTunity® has been known for providing leads for live speaking, podcast, radio shows, and virtual summits...

Given this unique time in the world, we're now expanding to include Virtual Networking Opportunities as well!

This one-year subscription gives you access as we continue to grow and develop the list.

What are some examples of these networking events?

  • Some are 2 or 3 day conferences with some teaching in between but 10-15 breakout sessions to meet people.
  • Some are national organizations that have opened their networking meetings to non-members.
  • Some are women’s groups hosted by individuals or organizations.
  • Some are general entrepreneur networking groups that are hosted by one leader, who is looking to secure prospects by creating a collaborative networking meeting for others, and briefly introducing his or her service in between networking sessions.
  • Some are conscious or holistic business groups that welcome newcomers.
  • Some are industry specific groups or locally specific.
  • Some are just business happy hours.
  • And more!