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SpeakerTunity Sheets®

Easy and Quick Speaker One-Sheet and Podcast Introduction Sheets

SpeakerTunity® wants to speed your efforts to present professional-looking materials to decision-makers to secure speaking opportunities and podcasts.

In order to impress a speaking opportunity decision-maker today—whether it’s at the local level, a national association or major event stage--you need to have a professional looking Speaker One-Sheet that showcases you.

And while you can pitch podcasters with a text-driven pitch letter, it’s even cooler when you can give them a beautifully-designed summary of your expertise and your suggested topics.

But hiring a graphic designer to put it all together can be expensive.

So SpeakerTunity® saw a way to make it simple, easy and affordable!

Select from among the offered templates, choose your colors, give us your requested copy and images—and Voilà! A finished document that will impress any decision-maker.

SpeakerTunity® Sheets will make it easy for you to start getting booked consistently!

"I am so grateful for Jackie and the SpeakerTunity team! Their SpeakerTunity Sheets came to my awareness at just the right time—while preparing to pitch myself for interviews after being away for awhile. SpeakerTunity Sheets puts all the relevant information in the right places so I know it is complete.  And I don't have to fuss over how to lay it out and what fonts to use—they made it easy for me to pick and choose. Every author, speaker, and thought leader who has a message to share should have their own SpeakerTunity Sheets ready to send out. I am grateful that I now have mine. It looks great!  I encourage all of my clients to have their own SpeakerTunity Sheets.  SpeakerTunity Sheets are a must have in every speaker/author/thought leader's arsenal.  Why spend your time designing a speaker one sheet from scratch when SpeakerTunity Sheets can create one for you so quickly? Talk about a good return on investment!"

Tanya Brockett, MBA, Host of the Write Something Worthy Podcast, Ghostwriter/Editor/Coach at

“I love love love my new Speaker & Podcast Promo sheets! From the initial questionnaire to the draft and revision process, SpeakerTunity’s level of quality and attention to detail is excellent. As someone with a BIG message to get out in the world, this will make it easier for decision-makers to see my value and hire accordingly. SpeakerTunity is our HCC recommended resource for Speakers and Leaders, especially those in the holistic market niche!”

Camille Leon, founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC)

“This service is great!  Perfect layout and very professional.  I love my speaker and podcast sheets!”

Dr. Brian Garrett

The team is very responsive and flexible. Easy to work with and has a good turnaround time. I love my new speaker sheet!

Julie Kramer

This Simple 5-Step Process Will Reduce Your Cost for a Finished Duplicable PDF

1.  Select Whether You Want a 2-Page Speaker One-Sheet or a 1-Page Podcast Sheet
2.  Choose One Design From Among the Templates Provided
3.  Submit the Requested Written Content and Images
4.  Review the Draft for Approval
5.  Take Receipt of Your New SpeakerTunity Sheet®