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If you’re a speaker, leader, coach, author or entrepreneur needing to reach more people with your message to have greater impact and increase your revenue, then you’ll find it through SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company.

SpeakerTunity® provides you direct contacts to get booked on multiple platforms, along with tools like speaker one-sheets and podcast intro sheets, and the training on how to GET BOOKED! We'll even introduce you to train virtual assistants that you can retain to do the outreach for you. This is your hub for everything that will propel you onto more stages -- faster!

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Ernesto Verdugo

Debbie Allen

Susan Frew

Dr. Vanessa Guyton

Nelson Morales

Dan Mangena

Tony Ning

Sonya Atkins Goodman

Richard Scully

SpeakerTunity® Resource

Camille Leon

Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce

I love being a client of SpeakerTunity! As someone with a BIG message to get out in the world, their help makes all the difference. From their Speaker and Podcast One-sheet design service to their ongoing leads services, I get everything I need easily and affordably. SpeakerTunity is our HCC recommended resource for Speakers and Leaders, especially those in the holistic market niche!

If you're looking for more places to speak and network, look no further than SpeakerTunity's selection of tip sheets! One of the most daunting things about marketing your business is tracking down where to speak and whom to contact, and with these tip sheets, Jackie and her team have taken most of the hard legwork out of the process. It's up to you to get your pitch right, but it's a lot less overwhelming when you don't also have to do all of the up-front searching for opportunities.

Gina Longo

Gina Longo Consulting / Trigpoint Systems, LLC

Kym Yancey

Co-founder, President & CMO of eWomenNetwork

We had Jackie Lapin speak at our eWomen International Conference about SpeakerTunity and all the opportunities for speakers and gifted messengers –and she was just fabulous! I am so thrilled to have even discovered SpeakerTunity because of the resources that it's providing speakers to get out there, get more gigs, get seen and get interviewed. Way to go Jackie!

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the course I purchased about creating a great letter to send to be a podcast guest. Your class inspired me to move forward with planning my signature presentation to use for Speakertunity Cities and for guest spots on podcasts. Also, I have a whole year of events  planned out now based on the presentation and my theme for the year: Becoming the One You’ve Been Waiting For! I’m signed up to do my first podcast interview on Monday. 😊

Tamara Herl

Professional Counselor, Certified Coach/Guide

SpeakerTunity Cities® Regional Speaker Lead Directories

Erin Loman Jeck

Executive Speech Coach, TEDx Speaking Coach and Speaker

I was able to set up 15 speaking gigs within 2 weeks, with only a month in advance to being there. And I was able to generate over 50K in sales from these speaking opportunities. These lists are accurate, informative, and LUCRATIVE. If you are even wondering about purchasing these directories, DON’T WASTE any more time -- PURCHASE NOW! It’s well worth the cost!

Booking local events is the key to growing your business and getting on bigger stages! SpeakerTunity Cities is NOT just another directory with outdated events and no real contact information. Speakertunity gives you everything you need to talk to the right person in the right categories so you can leverage your message for more business! I have even been able to get on national stages, as a result of local speaking engagements. Thank you so much SpeakerTunity Cities! You have made my life easier and saved hundreds of hours for me and my team!

Amy Dix

International Speaker, subscriber to 5 SpeakerTunity Cities Directories—and counting!

Norma T. Hollis

International Authority on Authentic Leadership and Self-Awareness, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer

I am an international speaker who recently purchased a copy of Speakertunity Cities for Los Angeles. I was absolutely amazed at how many opportunities there were-- over 1400! That's the strongest list I've ever seen of speaking opportunities and I used to own a speakers bureau! It’s so important to always have a constant flow of opportunities to speak. Speakertunity Cities has it. I suggest you get your copy now.

I have found this to be an absolute game-changer for me. It's so much easier. It allows me to see a bigger field. I can be more precise as to which ones really fit me. And it's just so wonderful when you reach out you have a lot more confidence that you're reaching out to the right people. If you're really a serious speaker, this will fast forward you a long way in your speaking career! I can't say enough about Speakertunity Cities. This is a beautiful service!

Dr. Gary Salyer, PhD

Master Transformational Relationship Coach and Author of the Bestselling Book, Safe to Love Again

Bill Walsh

America's Small Business Expert, Venture Capitalist, and Bestselling Author of "The Obvious."

We do about 300 events for small businesses and entrepreneurs internationally.  The question is, why is it important to speak as much as you can?  Why is it important to build locally?  Build local with Eventbrite, Meetups, Rotaries, Chambers, or wherever you can speak.  Team up with organizations like SpeakerTunity, who can help you get your message out even further!

Speaking is the fastest path to cash. Your message, idea and product can have an impact, it can change the world... But not if there isn't anybody listening...You need to be heard and I'm sharing a great resource on how you can do that. So if you're ready to stop being the best kept secret and start booking speaking gigs in your own backyard...And you want to skip the long hours of research.. (Bye bye Google!) Let SpeakerTunity Cities do the heavy lifting of finding you stages to speak on, so you can...Serve more people. Establish yourself as the expert in your field. Close More Clients.

Suzanne Evans

Driven Inc, The “Tell it like it is”, No Fluff Boss of Business Building

SpeakerTunity® Speaker Leads

Micaela Bubola Passeri

Founder, Love You Revolution, Fashion Designer, Author, Speaker, Affirmation and NLP Facilitator

In just 3 months of using Speakertunity Tip Sheet I have booked 3 speaking engagements!  I am very impressed with the amount of tips we are given and feel it is a very good value for the service!

I have used SpeakerTunity for several months. I received some great leads and filled up my schedule. SpeakerTunity has been very helpful!

Rachael Z

Dr. Cozette White

Transformational Speaker and Money Coach

I signed up on Thursday and got my first booking on Friday as a result of the leads placed in the FB group!

What I love about SpeakerTunity is that, in addition to providing timely speaker leads, it also provides practical tips for booking more speaking engagements. Plus, I appreciate the convenience of having it all in one place!

Mendhi Audlin

Author of What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Gail Torr

Galaxy Media

Want to get your message out? Then save time and energy looking for speaking opportunities with Speakertunity - a wonderful resource with great, real leads.

I can't say enough how much I LOVE Speakertunity. I'm a busy mom, wife and business owner with a BIG message. I have to use my time wisely when it comes to all of my responsibilities. Speakertunity saves me the time and effort to find speaking opportunities and has even exposed me to different organizations I didn't even know existed! When I told my friend about Speakertunity, she exclaimed, 'What?! That's your secret weapon?? No wonder you're finding opportunities like a pro!' Thank you, Jackie for all that you do!

Amy Lanci

Body Empowerment Coach

SpeakerTunity® Radio Insider

Devra Ann Jacobs

Owner/Agent, Dancing Word Group Agency

To all those just thinking about signing up for Speakertunity tip sheets, let me just say... Do it today! I do PR for a very mainstream author and thought it would not necessarily help as much as it would with booking my conscious mind author, but boy was I wrong. With just the first 2 tip sheets I booked my author on 5 great radio shows. Thank you Jackie for creating a way that's reasonably priced and full of great contacts!

I am so thrilled with the SpeakerTunity radio tipsheets. We have booked over 20 shows in the last year, along with telesummits, that we would never have known about without this great resource. If you are trying to gain traction in this business, let Jackie Lapin's years of experience with radio shows benefit you. This is an unbeatable value and service. Don't hesitate. Enroll now!

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge


Patricia Cagganello

CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Media

After subscribing to SpeakerTunity Radio Insider, I brought the building of our radio/podcast list in-house, but after a few months I returned to Radio Insider. The quality of the SpeakerTunity Radio show leads glean far better results than we were having doing it on our own!

I am grateful for all of the information and leads you provided, what a great service!

Michael Overlie

Canine-Partnered Energy Coach

SpeakerTunity® Summits

Rachelle Mont Trahan

Rachelle Trahan Coaching

This is an incredible resource, so grateful!

In my first month using SpeakerTunity Summits I got myself booked on three online summits in my niche resulting in hundreds of new subscribers to my list and several new clients for my online courses.

Geoff Affleck

Publishing Consultant and #1 Bestselling Author

SpeakerTunity® Sheets

Tanya Brockett, MBA

Host of the Write Something Worthy Podcast, Ghostwriter/Editor/Coach at HallagenInk.com

I am so grateful for Jackie and the SpeakerTunity team! Their SpeakerTunity Sheets came to my awareness at just the right time—while preparing to pitch myself for interviews after being away for awhile. SpeakerTunity Sheets puts all the relevant information in the right places so I know it is complete. And I don't have to fuss over how to lay it out and what fonts to use—they made it easy for me to pick and choose. Every author, speaker, and thought leader who has a message to share should have their own SpeakerTunity Sheets ready to send out. I am grateful that I now have mine. It looks great!

I had long been planning to work towards getting some speaker engagements. It was clear that I would need a Speaker One sheet if I wanted anyone to seriously consider me. So I went to SpeakerTunity for the work. The process was pretty painless and quick. Everything was laid out in the templates that you chose. The hardest part was gathering "all the facts" that need to be put into a One Sheet. I had the first draft in 24 hours! There were some minor edits I wanted. These were done immediately. I have a very professional Speaker One Sheet in my possession! I love my speaker one sheet! The designer used the colors from my website so everything looked seamless. I appreciate the quick turnaround and that you listened to my suggestions.  SpeakerTunity does a great job!  Try them!

Cornelia E Davis

Randy Brown

That Rebound Guy

first came to my mind followed by many others.It so perfectly captures the look I wanted and your additions of the basketball and court capped off everything.You have the magic when it comes to digital projects and I know this will impact my brand and business immediately.
Of course, Kelley, was the point guard to make all this happen along with you. She is the best!
I’m headed to NYC Monday morning to speak at the BluTalks event on Wednesday morning and copies of this will be in my possession. Thank you so much!

The team is very responsive and flexible. Easy to work with and has a good turnaround time. I love my new speaker sheet!

Julie Kramer

John Grant

Thank you for this beautiful one sheet. I have been reading it, re-reading it, and feel it is excellent. :)

Paul Lawrence Vann

My speaker one-sheet is looking great. I love your work, so thank you very much!

Dr. Brian Garrett

This service is great! Perfect layout and very professional. I love my speaker sheet!

I love love love my new Speaker & Podcast Promo sheets! From the initial questionnaire to the draft and revision process, SpeakerTunity’s level of quality and attention to detail is excellent.

Camille Leon

Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Rita Goldberg

Working with SpeakerTunity was a pleasure. I love my speaker sheet and excited to send it out to my prospects.

SpeakerTunity® Virtual Networking

Michael Cheng

Founder of GoalMogul, Goal Achieving Social Network

The SpeakerTunity virtual networking directory is an INCREDIBLE asset!  It’s packed with so many events! If you have been looking for a comprehensive list of virtual events so you can connect with new business contacts on a regular basis, then look no further. I originally tried to hire a virtual assistant to find different groups for me, and we couldn’t come up with anything nearly as comprehensive as this list. If you’re wondering if you’ll get your money’s worth, stop wondering, because there’s no doubt about it!

SpeakerTunity® Speaker Specialties

Ann Bennett

Brand Profit Builder

The Speakertunity Specialty Directory is invaluable for saving you time and money. They have put together a current list of event planners and groups looking for your specific topic and niche. It’s only been two months, with my list and already great results: 4 pending speaking gigs and 2 booked. The Specialty Directories are brilliant for making it easy, lucrative and fun to get booked speaking in-front of your ideal audience, get clients and making more money. What’s better than that!

SpeakerTunity® Ecourses

Heather Abbott

The Art of Filling Your Speaking Calendar was super helpful!  It had everything I needed to get ready for speaking engagements. It was clearly explained and easy to work through.

SpeakerTunity® Training Programs

Lisa E. Kirkwood

The True Stories Merchant, Master Storyteller, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Filmmaker

After I finally went through the entire Get Booked training, not only did i design my professional sheet, I also compiled an extensive Media Kit full of my credentials and qualifications that I've been using lately for just about every new business connection that I make. It helps tremendously. The media kit lists my accomplishments and activities and it's a great business card to show off and utilize for effective networking. I couldn't have done this without the professional training that you provide in the modules. I can't thank you enough for that, I'm proud to be a member of the SpeakerTunity family.

SpeakerTunity® Book For You VA

Ann Bennett

Brand Profit Builder

I have been working with the Book for You Virtual Assistants for about 2 months. Speaking it the #1 lead generator for my 6-figure business. Book for you Virtual Assistants are are professional efficient and effective. And their communication is excellent. It’s been great having a personalized team to do the speaker outreach and get the bookings. Within this short time I have 4 pending opportunities for speaking and 2 presentations booked.If you want to fill your speaking calendar or get your speaking off the ground Book for you Virtual Assistants is the way to make it easy, lucrative and fun!

SpeakerTunity® Slides

Louie Sharp

Speaker, Consultant, Author and founder of The Gifted Leader

You ROCK!! This power point is awesome, incredible and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

SpeakerTunity® Conference Connections

Margie Dunki-Jacobs

I'm signed up for the mind-blowing amazing Conference Connections!

This is a No-Brainer!

Sam Morris

Zen Warrior Training

Memberships Begin at only $47 Per Month!

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