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A TEDx stage can open countless doors to publicity, business, and speaking opportunities. It's a prestigious accolade that can often be very difficult to achieve if you're only able to look locally or don't have the connections.

That's exactly why we've assembled our biggest and most comprehensive TEDx directory of all time, giving you contacts for TEDx event organizers around the world.

Finding the contacts for TEDx events, especially this many, would take you hundreds of hours to assemble on your own.

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Here's How It Works...

Get Contacts for Over 1,200 TEDx Events Worldwide

Your TEDx Directory includes detailed event and contact information for upcoming events. This includes language, location, themes, and submission information.

Start Your Outreach Immediately

Instead of spending all your time on LinkedIn or Google, you'll start submitting your information right away.

Grow Beyond Your Local Community

Your TEDx Directory gives you the opportunity to search for events within driving distance OR expand your footprint beyond your local area to try and find an event faster.

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The World's Number One Authority on Expert Positioning

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Speaking is the fastest path to cash. Your message, idea and product can have an impact, it can change the world... But not if there isn't anybody listening...You need to be heard and I'm sharing a great resource on how you can do that. So if you're ready to stop being the best kept secret and start booking speaking gigs in your own backyard...And you want to skip the long hours of research.. (Bye bye Google!) Let SpeakerTunity do the heavy lifting.

Suzanne Evans

Driven Inc, The “Tell it like it is”, No Fluff Boss of Business Building

Only $99 for over 1,200 international contacts.

Now with over 1,200 TEDx events in the US, Canada, and worldwide.

SpeakerTunity Cities® TEDx Directory

A paid subscription to the SpeakerTunity Cities® TEDx Directory entitles you to receive a downloadable directory of TEDx opportunities including, for example, U.S .TEDx events by date, U.S. TEDx events by state, Canadian TEDx events by date, and Canadian TEDx events by province, or international TEDx events by date. This will enable you to see at-a-glance what events are within proximity of your business or home that would potentially present an opportunity for you appear on a TEDx stage, if accepted. This directory identifies the event, its location, its date, the organizer, an email if available, and a webpage. The SpeakerTunity Cities® TEDx Directory is designed to eliminate all the research time to determine what TEDx are close enough to apply to, and which are upcoming throughout the year so you may plan far enough ahead to apply. Because of the nature of our products, lists and data collection practices, SpeakerTunity® is unable to offer refunds once the product has been fulfilled. To subscribe, click the button above.