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Are you tired of struggling to figure out what to say and when to say it to get booked for future speaking gigs?

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  • A video training walking you through the entire booking system, so you can make it flow!  Get the guesswork out of pitching yourself to speaker bookers.
  • The “SpeakerTunity Cities® Get-Booked Guide” Writeable PDF to make you have everything you need to get booked in the right order and action steps to undertake
  • Two Speaker One-Sheet Templates -- and four samples of speaker-one sheets you can emulate
  • The “Make Yourself Irresistibly Relevant to a Booker Strategy Sheet” Writable PDF so you can determine the exact key messages to include in your proposal email to any particular booker
  • Two Speaker Proposal Emails templates
  • Three sample Follow-Up Phone Scripts
  • Your “Speaker Outreach Tracking Excel Sheet” so you can effectively conduct, time and track your follow-ups
  • The “Ultimate Speaker Checklist and Video Training” for when you DO get booked to ensure maximum success. This is a 7-page document! It’s the most complete checklist available!