5 Simple Steps to Secure a steady stream of conference and event stage appearances.

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If you are looking for larger speak-to-enroll audiences or paid speaking appearances, then you are in the market for conferences and event stages. These are lifeblood of speakers who are playing at a high level of consistent revenue and client attraction.

But most speakers go about getting on these stages in a haphazard way…you jump on the ones offered to you by friends and colleagues, the ones you hear about on the grapevine or where an organizer seeks you out. There is no steady plan of action. And as a result you’re booked occasionally, and leaving money on the table.

Why not have real strategy to capture these bigger events? One that will prime the pump for a steady flow…

Then you are ready for Jackie Lapin’s 5 Simple Steps to Secure a Steady Stream of Conference and Event Stage Appearances!

By the End of the Session You Will Know:

  • How to select the right events for you
  • How to create the time to pursue them or direct your outreach time
  • How to create an effective plan for consistently going after the events aligned with your mission
  • What goes into your typical submission application and how to prepare in advance
  • Where to find conferences easily

Get on board this money train before it passes you by!