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SpeakerTunity Cities®

SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Speaker Lead Directories which provides leaders and entrepreneur with up to 1800 individual speaker lead contacts at meetings, venues and associations within the market of their choice. 60 markets available @ $479 for first market, $395 for second and special savings on regional bundles. 

The Speaker Quick Start

The Speaker Roadmap includes The Art of Filling Your Speaking Calendar 6-Module eCourse, a SpeakerTunity Cities Directory of thousands of speaking contacts right in your local market, and a SpeakerTunity Sheets® speaker one-sheet for $997.

Your purchase includes an added BONUS when you purchase now - The Ultimate Speaker Checklist and Training!

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Hundreds of speaking opportunities in YOUR community are just waiting for you to TAKE THE STAGE!  SpeakerTunity Cities® is the VERY FIRST resource that gives Speakers, Experts, Authors and Entrepreneurs exactly what you need most - instantly at your fingertips.

SpeakerTunity Cities® includes Meetings, Associations, Venues and Organizations in each market!

Each contact includes name, phone number, email and website. This does not include conferences, events, or other corporate contacts!

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The Shortcut to Speaking Success Quick Start makes finding more speaking gigs easier for you.

You could scramble around trying to figure out exactly what do or write to get yourself booked, and then google yourself into oblivion trying to find opportunities –live or virtual—that will willingly invite you on their stages.


You can take advantage of an exciting new package of resources I’ve just learned about from SpeakerTunity® The Speaker & Leader Resource Company!  It combines:

  • The Art of Filling Your Speaking Calendar 6-Module eCourse
  • A SpeakerTunity Cities® Directory of Thousands of Speaking Contacts right in your hometown market for meetings, venues and associations
  • A SpeakerTunity Sheets® Professional-Designed Speaker One-Sheet which allows you to select a template, choose your colors and submit your requested information and graphics

This is everything you need to begin building a momentous watershed of speaking engagements!

No more pondering, no more wishful thinking, no more speaker-envy of others with a full slate of gigs. This will make your road to stages simple and easy!

You’ll be off and running for a mere $997 for all this incredible value!

How much would it cost you to source these leads on your own, create your one-sheet and know exactly how to capture those bookings?

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