SpeakerTunity Gift Giveaway

SpeakerTunity™ Gift Giveaway For Your Community:

New Year’s Gift to JumpStart Your Clients’ Speaking Calendar in 2018

Gifting SpeakerTunity™:

How would you like to gift your community 100 speaking, radio show, podcast and virtual summits leads as a New Year’s gift  to jumpstart their speaking and visibility in 2018?

If so, than our purposes may have aligned.

We have discovered that giving people a taste of SpeakerTunity™ is the best way to introduce them to our one-of-a-kind services.

SpeakerTunity™ is the inexpensive, time saving subscription services that give leaders and entrepreneurs direct contacts to book themselves on stages, radio shows podcasts and virtual summits so they can build their businesses and change more lives. 

So, with that in mind, we thought it might be fun and timely to offer you an opportunity to GIFT your community members One Month Free in each of our acclaimed subscription services--Speakertunity™ Speaker Leads,  SpeakerTunity Radio Insider and SpeakerTunity Summits™.

This will provide them 100+ leads at absolutely no cost to them. And if they wish to stay on, they can at $35/month each for those they prefer and you can earn 30% commission on their monthly membership!

There is no obligation. You can explore the specifics of what each these services provides by going to www.Speakertunity.com, along with seeing some of our many testimonials.

Wouldn’t you love to see your clients start filling up their speaking calendars this year so they can be even more successful? Together we can give them a head start!

How to Participate?

  • Step One: Send me an email you are becoming a gifter and advise which month’s promotion you will be undertaking: Jackie@SpeakerTunity.com
  • Step Two: Register as an affiliate by going here: www.SpeakerTunity.com/affiliates
  • Step Three: When the system kicks back your user name and password, please then login and go to the partner portal, then to the box called One Month Free Trials   
  • Step Four: Grab your affiliate link on the front of that box.
  • Step Five: Come back here, select (or edit) the copy you choose below, insert your affiliate links at the noted locations.
  • Step Six: Send your SpeakerTunity gift to your community!

(Note: If this takes too much of your time, just fill in the affiliate form, tell me which promotion you prefer and I will email your copy with links to you!) 

New Year’s Gift Text

Subject Line.... My New Year’s Gift to You -- More Speaking Engagements, Radio Shows, Podcasts & Virtual Summits!

Or... My New Year’s Gift to You... 100 “2018 Speaker Leads” Ready For You Right Now!


You know, it’s my dream for you to have all the speaking leads you can handle so you can grow your business and change more lives!

And there is no better time to start booking a full slate of engagements for this year than right now! As we embark on 2018.

So what if I were to tell you I’m going to gift you 100+ new opportunities? Without you doing any research to find them!

Would that get you motivated?

My friend Jackie Lapin has a created a brilliant way to put into your hands every month the names, phone numbers and emails of decision makers who book speaking engagements, radio shows/podcasts, and virtual summits with open guest presenter seats all over North America. It’s called SpeakerTunity™.

And she is enabling me to gift you a free month of direct contacts through her three SpeakerTunity™ services so you can experience them personally. 100+ opportunities just popping up on your screen! And more in the private Facebook Group for subscribers!

Pretty awesome way to start the New Year, isn’t it!

So go rocket your visibility!

Accept your gift now and start filling your 2018 speaking calendar: Your Link Here

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Descriptions for All Three SpeakerTunity Subscriptions Should You Need Them...

Here’s What You Get:

  • Looking for more speaking opportunities to help introduce people to you and your programs? SpeakerTunity™ Transformational Speaker Leads Tip Sheets will make it easy to find them -- Speakertunity™ gives you the exclusive, inside scoop on direct contacts to book your own transformational speaking opportunities. The hard work is done for you, so that you'll focus on what you do best - speaking and working with your new tribe. Twice every month, you'll receive the most up to date information about venues, events and organizations that are looking for people like you! This includes ALL of the hot regions in both the U.S. and Canada; top book tour promotion sites; local chapters of national organizations; local business meetings, upcoming multi-speaker events and expos; leading Unity and Centers for Spiritual Living; wellness events and presentation locations, yoga centers, women’s organizations, national conferences; civic, fraternal, and health organizations; resort and retreat centers, and many more. You get more than 60 leads per month! Plus a private Facebook Group with HOT! timely new leads, too! 
  • Want to be on more radio shows and podcasts so people will discover you? SpeakerTunity Radio Insider™ provides at least a dozen transformational radio shows and podcasts every two weeks (25+ per month), complete with contact information for the host or producer. You’ll get leads for  broadcast, satellite, podcast and internet radio shows across North America.
  • Would you like to get on Virtual Summits -- multi-day telesummits or video summits which reach hundreds of thousands of new prospects? And learn about them before they are already fully booked?  SpeakerTunity Summits™ will up update you monthly on which virtual summit hosts are looking for or are open to new guest presenters...and give you their contact information as well. This one-of-kind resource has the intel on upcoming summits all in one place. Summits not only allow to introduce your products to new readers, but also to build your email opt in list...They are great list building opportunities.