SpeakerTunity Concierge Service

Are You Looking to Have Someone Do Speaker Booking Outreach  for You to Local Meetings and Selected Conferences?

Now SpeakerTunity has a solution!

The SpeakerTunity Concierge Service™

If you just can’t find the time, or don’t want to represent yourself, we have created a service to identify up to 30 meetings and selected conferences per month -- and propose you as a speaker.

Our Concierge Will: 

  • Meet with you to identify the types of events that match your business goals and client demographic profile.
  • Create a professional looking Speaker One-Sheet for you, if you do not already have one.
  • Research the right opportunities from our SpeakerTunity™ database and other sources. These will primarily be speak-to-enroll engagements (no Speaker fee paid) -- an opportunity to engage the audience to either sell your product or enroll them in a free strategy session or other free offering.
  • Propose you as a speaker to those selected.
  • Commit to contacting a minimum of 15 and maximum of 30 in any given month, depending on the time commitment required to research and locate the right decision makers. Two or three of these could be conferences, if so agreed.
  • Make an introduction between you and  the booker once the booking is secured, so you can provide needed materials and continue solidifying your relationship with the booker prior to engagement.

Your Investment:

$697/month, with an initial two-month minimum.

If we are accelerating your rate of bookings and you are happy with the results, you can simply continue on for the same monthly investment.  

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