May 11

Radio Podcast One Sheet For Public Speakers

Today, everyone who wants to get in front of an audience to grow their business needs to have professional looking materials, that will impress a decision-maker. And, this is especially true for trying to get on live or virtual stages and podcasts. I’m Jackie Lapin, your expert in helping people get booked; and the founder of SpeakerTunity, the speaker and leader resource company. So let’s assume, that you want to save some money and you’re not going to pay someone else to create one of these from scratch. You can actually prepare everything and ready it for a designer. That’s going to cut your costs in half or even more. So, what should you be aware of in order to make this a smooth and easy experience? Well first, know what you will need to give your designer. This includes the written materials, including a four to six-paragraph biography, keep it short and impactful. Any requested headlines, this can be your name, a brand identifier, something like the family first advocate or the digital dynamo; or, some benefits, like building breakthrough themes or harnessing your harmony, or tell your story with a flourish etc. Any impressive testimonials.

Now, if you have a call to action, book Jane for an impactful conversation, bring John to your stage to inspire your audience. Your contact information and your presentation descriptions, if for a speaker, one-sheet, or for the topics that you speak on, for a podcast introduction sheet. Then decide which of these visuals you want to include, but provide them in a JPEG or PNG format; the following, a headshot or middle distance image from your waist up, and if you have them for a speaker one-sheet, photos of you speaking from the stage. Your logo or brand imagery, and if you wish to include them, logos from impressive clients you serve, places you’ve spoken or media, where you have been interviewed. Your book cover, if you are an author or logos representing your own podcast, radio show or YouTube channel, to boast your credibility and prestige logos from organizations you belong to, or prizes or medallions from awards you’ve won or received.

Next, are your instructions to the designer? If you know what colors you want to use, specify them, pick at least two dominant colors; and, if you can bride samples or specific key numbers, even better, because there’s so many different colors that they could be. Indicate whether this is a one or two-page speaker one-sheet. Podcast sheets are generally one page. Make sure your images are high resolution because a designer can’t work with low-resolution images. Specify any social media logos you want. Provide any specific ideas, concepts or directives, you would like to see carried out, or leave it to the designer and see what you get. The only problem with this is, if there are substantial changes, you will likely be paying for alterations. Make sure you get a PDF and the original art files, Adobe illustrator or EPS, Encapsulated PostScript, in case you want to make changes, and the original designer is not available to you.

And, the other designer can utilize these formats to edit or change your documents. Have a clear understanding of what you’re paying for and what the estimated fee will be, even if this involves an hourly fee. You may also be able to negotiate a fixed rate. Once you have your presentation sheet in hand, then you can distribute it via email or as an attached document, or post it on your website or download it or get copies printed, by one of the inexpensive online printing sources. Now, would you like me to make this really easy on you and affordable?

Well, we’ve created a service that will take your bio presentation description or media topics and images, and give you back a finished professionally designed product. It’s called SpeakerTunity Sheets. Follow a simple five-step process. No headaches, no hassle, and you select the design template and the colors. You can go to, for all the details, and start getting booked consistently, with your great new presentation sheets. My commitment to speakers and experts and authors is only complete when we help them get booked more often, in more places, so they can fulfill their mission and grow their business. I encourage you to subscribe to the SpeakerTunity YouTube channel for more videos, coming soon.


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