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If you are struggling to get new clients, you need to be where they are tuned in—and that’s radio shows, podcasts and even videocasts! Getting a full slate that can drive your business is imperative, but do you know how?

This SpeakerTunity® ecourse, Rocket Your Radio and Podcast Bookings, is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to get booked consistently! This includes branding yourself for maximum impact on air, the techniques to write a compelling can’t-miss pitch letter, creating a must-open subject line, critical podcast etiquette and where to find the hosts that will book you. Enroll in Rocket Your Radio and Podcast Bookings and count on a flood of clients from all your new show appearances!

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Here's what's in it:

  • Branding Yourself for Memorability and Appeal
  • Learn what it takes to make you stand out to a radio show or podcast booker, so they will book you when comparing you to other guests in your genre. Discover some secrets that will help make your brand “energetically” appealing!
  • Writing a Compelling Pitch Letter
  • Discover the secret sauce that goes into writing a compelling pitch letter. This module is the heart of this course. Master this skill and you will keep getting booked for life!
  • The Art of Writing a Gotcha Subject Line
  • If you don’t capture them in the subject line, then your target hosts won’t even read your pitch letter. Learn exactly what to say in a subject line that will entice them to open your emailed pitch!
  • Dos and Don’ts of Pitching
  • There is a certain amount of etiquette required in effectively pitching yourself when it comes to phone following. We’ve provided all the specifics to ensure the odds are in your favor when you start reaching out in person to introduce yourself once your email has been sent.
  • Finding Your Radio Shows and Podcasts
  • Now you’ve got your pitch, where you do sent it? We’ve provided everything you need to know to identify and connect with hosts and producers. And we also have an easy way for you to find these without having to do ANY research!

To build the momentum that will drive your business, you should be booking FIVE shows a month! Rocket Your Radio and Podcast Bookings will make it easy for you to land them!

Lisa E. Kirkwood

Jackie Lapin is THE Speakers' Get Booked Trainer! With decades of experience and expertise in media relations, and a solid, done-with-you, A to Z training program to help speakers get on stages, she'll hand you "the keys to the castle". The coveted pathway to speaking engagements, that is. Personable and nurturing, she will hold your hand through this process. Just follow Jackie's lead, make full use of the many professional resources that she and her team have to offer, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a speaker-in-demand. I'm very grateful for Jackie Lapin's training, she helped me find my voice, and I'm a proud member of the SpeakerTunity family, Thank you, Jackie!

The True Stories Merchant, Master Storyteller, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Filmmaker

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