We at SpeakerTunity Cities Massive Impact welcome Experts and Services that can advance a speaker’s success. We want to connect our members to you!

Why Become a Massive Impact Expert Resource?

SpeakerTunity Cities gives leaders direct contacts for hundreds—or oftentimes thousands—of meetings, venues and associations in the individual market of their choice. SpeakerTunity Cities Massive Impact goes even further for VIP Members, providing many more resources to enable them to have Massive Impact “in their market and beyond.”

One of the resources we want them to have is YOU!  Experts and services that can enhance their ability to get booked, connect with their audience and grow their businesses.

Therefore, we invite you to submit you/your service for consideration.  There is a $97 set-up fee in order to cover administrative costs. Please keep in mind, this must not be generic, it needs to focus on fulfilling the needs of speakers, even if that means changing the branding or name of the program slightly for this purpose in order to qualify as “specifically for speakers.”

We look forward to connecting you with our members!

If you would like to submit yourself, you can apply to be included in any of the following categories:

  • Personalized Speaker Booking Assistance
  • Speaker Training or Presentation Development
  • Speaker Business Development
  • Speaker One-Sheet Assistance
  • Speaker Videos Services
  • Speaker Website Development
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Roll-up Banners & Other Collateral
  • Speaker Sponsorship
  • Speaker Associations
  • Online Speaker’s Bureaus
  • Speaker Event Development and Management
  • Fashion Stylists for Speakers
  • Media Training
  • Photographer
  • Ted Talk Expert
  • Paid Speaker Lead Services
  • Other

There is a $97 annual administrative fee to be featured. This will provide a showcase that establishes why you are so distinctive.

If you wish to submit, please click here to enact your payment. The submission form will be sent you to in your thank you email.